I tried Matsuya's ``broiled Tokachi pork bowl'', which has a great combination of juicy pork flavor and sweet and salty sauce.

Aburi Tokachi Butadon ”, which is pork ribs mixed with sweet and salty sauce and roasted, started at Matsuya on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. Matsuya's new menu is a take on the 'Butadon' dish, which is said to have originated from Obihiro in the Tokachi region of Hokkaido.Thick-sliced pork ribs are coated with sweet and salty sauce on a griddle, and then roasted at the end, soy sauce is added. It is said that the aroma of burnt sugar is added. I was curious about Matsuya's pork bowl, which was a little different from the usual pork yakiniku bowl, so I bought it at the store and tried it.

Smooth and delicious! Hokkaido Obihiro specialty “broiled Tokachi pork bowl” is now on sale! |Matsuya Foods


“Roasted” Tokachi pork bowl|Menu|Matsuya

Arrived at Matsuya.

At the store, the appearance of 'broiled Tokachi pork bowl' is being promoted.

So, I bought a large serving of ``Aburi Tokachi Pork Bowl'' and went home.

When you open the lid, it looks like this.

The soy sauce-based sauce has a strong sweetness as well as spiciness, but the seasoning itself is just the right amount of flavor, so you can directly taste the flavor of the pork. The burnt aroma of soy sauce whets the appetite, and it was a masterpiece that made me regret, ``I should have gotten a larger serving of rice for free!''

``Aburi Tokachi Butadon'' can be ordered at Matsuya stores nationwide, excluding some stores, from January 9, 2024 (Tuesday) to January 23, 2024 (Tuesday) at 10:00, and the price is 830 yen including tax. There are also 2-piece sets (1,560 yen including tax) with a 100 yen discount and 3-piece sets (2,340 yen with tax) with a 150 yen discount, as well as a large serving of rice for free during the campaign period.

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