I tried Matsuya `` Beef and miso pork simmered rice bowl '' `` Pig yakiniku and pork simmered sweet potato meal ''

It is a regional cuisine of Okinawa

rafute combination with meat that is used boiled pig angle of the wind cattle rice of Matsuya, 'pork Nidonburi of cattle and taste Ball' menu that rice is Morimori proceed 'pig roast and pork boiled ' Aimori set meal ' appeared as a new menu of Matsuya from 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. I tried to eat what it tasted, along with the pork yakiniku using Matsuya's classic pork yakiniku and the pork simmered Aimori set meal.

Okinawa raft-style “Beef and Ajitama Pork Corner Stewed Rice” is released from 10:00 on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsuya.

The store was decorated with posters that appealed “Bag and Ajidama pork simmered rice bowl” and “Pig yakiniku and pork simmered Aimori set meal”.

When I ordered 'Beef and Ajitama Pork Corner Stewed Rice', it was provided in about 5 minutes.

“Beef and Ajitama Pork Corner Boiled Rice” (Namimori: 650 yen including tax) is a rafted pork horn boiled on top of a bowl, beef and onion used for beef noodles, seasoned egg, green onion, gray onion, sesame A gorgeous look with plenty of toppings. Also comes with miso soup.

When you squeeze the pork simmered with chopsticks, you can feel the softly simmered soft simmered taste of your fingers. If you eat a bite, the boiled simmered crumbles and the sweet flavor gradually spreads in your mouth.

The beef and onion are the same as the usual beef mash, and of course it goes well with rice.

The boiled simmered soup is soaked in the rice, so you can't stop eating rice.

The crisp texture and refreshing flavor of white-haired green onions are just the right chopstick rest for a thick-skinned crab.

The seasoned egg that is provided without cracking soaks the soy sauce well into the thick yolk, making it a great side dish.

“Aimori set meal of pork yakiniku and pork simmered” (750 yen including tax) includes rice, miso soup, raw vegetables, and seasoned eggs in addition to a plate of pork simmered and pork yakiniku.

A large amount of white-haired green onions are served on the pork simmered on the plate, and grated radish and green onions are served on the edge of the plate.

Pork yakiniku has a lighter taste than beef sushi and can be eaten with the attached green onions and daikon radish as well as the white-haired green onions.

By eating the rich taste of pork simmered and grilled pork alternately, you can enjoy the taste with gradual.

The seasoned egg soaked with soy sauce tasted delicious either with the rice as it was, or with the pork simmered or grilled pork.

The set meal includes not only miso soup but also fresh vegetables, so it looks good in terms of nutritional balance.

“Beef and Ajitama pork simmered rice bowl” is 650 yen including tax, “Pig yakiniku and pork simmered Aimori set meal” is usually 750 yen including tax, and the set raw vegetables became potato salad “Aimori set meal potato salad set of pork yakiniku and pork simmered” is 790 yen including tax. In commemoration of the new menu appearance at Matsuya, only those who ordered a new menu are offering a rice free service for a limited period of 2 weeks until Tuesday, September 24th at 10am. At the end of the service period, rice platter of “Beef and Ajitama Pork Corner Stewed Rice” will be 710 yen including tax, and rice platter of “Pork Yakiniku and Pork Corner Stewed Aimori Set meal” will be 810 yen including tax. “Beef and Ajitama Pork Corner Stewed Rice” and “Pork Yakiniku and Pork Corner Stewed Aimori Set meal” are offered at Matsuya except some stores nationwide.

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