I tried Matsuya 'Kimchi Beef Hot Pot', which adds spicy spiciness to a hot pot full of sukiyaki with a crispy texture.

'Kimchi beef pot ' featuring the classic popular side menu 'Kimchi' made at the foot of Mt. Fuji is available from Matsuya for a limited time. Beef, kimchi, and tofu are one of the most popular ingredients in Matsuya, so I actually tried to see what it tasted like.

The protagonists of this time are the popular 'Matsuya's exquisite kimchi,' 'Kimchi beef pot,' and 'Sukiyaki kimchi beef rice.'


That's why I came to Matsuya.

On the window of the store, there is a poster that appeals to the two new menus featuring exquisite kimchi.

Of the two new menus, 'Yaki Kimchi Beef Rice' will be offered from January 18, 2022 (Tuesday) ...

This time, we will eat 'Kimchi beef pot' which was launched on January 11, 2022 (Tuesday).

This time, I brought back 'Kimchi beef pot' and 'Kimchi beef pot double' which is double the amount of meat. The price is 580 yen including tax for 'Kimchi beef pot' and 780 yen including tax for 'Kimchi beef pot meat double'.

'Kimchi beef pot' and 'Kimchi beef pot meat double' are set menus that come with rice and miso soup, but in the case of takeout, miso soup does not come and eggs are provided in individual packages. As for rice, a campaign is being held until 10:00 on January 18, 2022, where you can increase the amount of rice to a large or special amount for free.

Opened. Kimchi beef pot is a beef pot where you can enjoy beef, kimchi, and tofu, which are very popular in Matsuya. Besides, it seems that onions and green onions are included.

Put the attached raw egg ...


When I tried it, the soy sauce-based soup was sweet and completely sukiyaki. The ingredients such as tofu, beef, green onions, and raw eggs also reinforce the sukiyaki feel. Kimchi with a crispy texture adds moderate acidity and spiciness to such a sukiyaki-like taste, and it has a sweet and spicy taste that sometimes feels the spiciness of kimchi under the sweet warishita of sukiyaki.

Matsuya 'Kimchi Beef Nabe' has been offered at Matsuya nationwide from January 11, 2022 (Tuesday), except for some stores, and the offer time is 'from 3:00 pm to 5:00 am'.

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