From grilling chunks to roasting coffee beans, I tried baking with `` Tondori oven '' that automatically rotates and cooks when ingredients are added

Rotating the pan horizontally, the `` Tondori Oven '' is a pan that can be cooked by steaming while dropping oil from the hole in the bottom of the pan. This is an unusual pot that can be saved by “putting ingredients in the pot and letting go”. Since it was released in Korea in 2018 and already sold 400,000 units, it is now possible to get it in Japan, so try various ways to actually bake meat and roast coffee beans It was.

Rotating Pot Tondri Oven-noted. (Tondori Oven Official Sales Site)

The following movie is a picture of how the Tondori oven rotates.

The automatically rotating pan `` Tondori Oven '' turns around-YouTube

table of contents:
◆ Specifications / Appearance review
◆ Grilled pork with lump meat
◆ Seafood fried noodles with frozen ingredients
◆ Mapo tofu with silken tofu
◆ French toast automatically turning over
◆ Popcorn that pops while rotating
◆ Roasted coffee beans

◆ Specifications / Appearance review
I opened the cardboard box that arrived at the editorial department.

Inside are the drum, lid, drum stand, control box, oil drain tray, recipe book, instruction manual, quick guide, etc.

Tongue, oil drain tray dedicated handle, timer, discharge packing, discharge packing cap, carry bag were included.

The pan is about 30x26x36cm and weighs about 3.1kg. The recommended amount of ingredients is 800g.

At the bottom of the pan was a hexagonal recess and a discharge packing for draining oil from the pan. The discharge packing can be removed.

There is a “return” in the pot for mixing ingredients.

The lid of the pot is covered with packing and has one steam hole.

The A5 size recipe book is included with the dragonfly oven ...

There were 16 different menus, such as pork ginger grilled and grilled pork.

Tongs can be locked closed by pulling the red frame part toward you.

Because it has feet, it was designed not to get dirty on the table directly.

The timer can be used with one AAA battery. Batteries sold separately.

The dragonfly oven can be used outdoors, so it can be carried in the included carry bag.

Take it like this.

...... And once we have confirmed all the parts, we started setting up the oven. First, you need to install AA batteries in the control box. Batteries are sold separately.

Set the battery.

Once the battery is installed, install the control box in the recess of the drum base

Since the drum base has screws, turn the screws to fix the control box.

Install the oil drain tray on the drum base ...

It is like this when placed on the stove. The dragonfly oven can only be heated with an open flame and cannot be used with an IH heater.

Since the lower part of the drum base has irregularities, it matches the virtues of the stove.

It is like this when the pan is set on the drum stand. Because the pan is tilted slightly, it reminds me of a drum-type washing machine. In addition, the pan cannot be used vertically.

Slide the knob in the direction of the arrow to lock the pan lid so that it does not fall.

Set the hexagonal recess at the bottom of the pan firmly on the hexagonal bar of the control box.

Press the switch on the control box to start rotation. The speed and direction of rotation cannot be changed. It takes one lap in about 20 seconds.

◆ Grilled pork with lump meat
First, let's make a grilled pork from the attached recipe book. The ingredients are salt, sugar, and pork shoulder loin, which is very simple.

Sprinkle the meat with salt and sugar and mix thoroughly.

Put the meat in the pot ...

Bake for 20 minutes on medium heat.

You can check how the Tondori Oven flips the meat from the following movie. The pan lid is removed for shooting, but in actual cooking, it is necessary to close the lid tightly before cooking.

I tried grilling lump meat in a rotating pot dragonfly oven-YouTube

After 20 minutes, turn off the fire and leave it for 10 minutes.

When the lid was opened, the lump was baked.

However, if you look closely, the gravy was still cloudy red ...

Heated for an additional 5 minutes and left for 5 minutes after heating.

When you check the oil drain tray, a large amount of oil and moisture have accumulated ...

When I put it in a measuring cup, about half of the 50cc was discharged about 25cc.

I will cut the baked thing.

Just the right fire.

Cut and serve. The fire goes through firmly.

There was no oiliness due to the excess oil coming out, and the finish was moist and juicy.

Slow cookers are famous as cooking appliances that leave the ingredients in the pan, but slow cookers are good at simmering, and the meat becomes soft, but the meat does not have a firm texture. The texture is “Yawa”. In this respect, the Tondori Oven is a “baked” type that is not so common in uncooked cooking appliances, so the meat has a solid texture. It has a high degree of perfection, with no papularity, and when it is chewed, the juices gradually overflow, and the fat has fallen moderately, but the umami remains.

The heating mechanism of the Tondri Oven can also be confirmed from the following official trailer.


◆ Seafood fried noodles with frozen ingredients
The Tondori Oven is able to cook frozen ingredients as they are, so try making seafood fried noodles from the recipe book. We prepare cooking liquor, nanpura, sesame oil, pepper, salt, frozen shrimp, frozen squid, frozen scallops, noodles, onion, green onion.

Put the ingredients in the pan. It is a little worrisome that it is difficult to put ingredients when the pan is set on the drum stand.

Add frozen shrimp without thawing.

Heat on medium heat for 4 minutes.

After heating the ingredients for 4 minutes, open the lid once and add the noodles, but it is difficult to put the pan on the drum stand, so remove the pan once. Prepare a discharge packing cap before removing.

Cover the discharge packing so that no juice comes out from the bottom of the pan.

Moisture from frozen ingredients is discharged from the oil drain tray ...

When put in the measuring cup, it was confirmed that about 70cc of water was discharged.

After removing the pan, add the noodles, seasoning and green onions in a heat-resistant bag for 1 minute in a 600W range.

Heat on medium heat for 3 minutes.

When the lid is opened after heating. The seafood was stuck at the bottom, whether it was bad.

Because the pan is tall, it is a little difficult to take out the ingredients from the bottom, but the supplied tongs were long enough to reach the bottom of the pan.

This is the place I put on a plate. The color of shrimp and green onion is beautiful, and there is a scent of sesame oil.

When I ate it, there was unevenness in how it was mixed, and it was a tasty finish where the dark and light portions were conspicuous. The noodles are softly finished for cooking with the lid of the pot closed, and the name “steamed soba” is more suitable than yakisoba. The ingredients kept frozen were not watery, and the fire was well through. It was a nice point that there was little washing because there was no need to thaw or mix.

◆ Mapo tofu with silken tofu
Since the rotation is slow, 'Isn't it possible to cook soft tofu without breaking it?' Prepare mapo tofu base and silken tofu.

Put the ingredients for mapo tofu ...

Keep the cap closed to prevent the mapo tofu from flowing out of the bottom.

When the mapo tofu is boiled, add the cut tofu.

Heat on medium heat for 3 minutes according to the instructions on the mapo tofu.

After 3 minutes, the tofu was mixed well when the lid was opened.

If you add it, you can see that the shape of the tofu is almost unchanged.

Although the distance between the pot and the stove is farther across the control box, the hot mapo tofu was completed in 3 minutes of cooking. Even people who are not good at frying pans will be able to make mapo tofu without breaking the tofu.

◆ French toast automatically turning over
Since I was able to cook soft tofu, I tried to cook something large and soft like French toast. The ingredients are milk, eggs, sugar and French bread.

Soak French bread in a mixture of milk, eggs and sugar.

French bread entered two in the pan.

Heat on medium heat for 10 minutes.

The finished French toast is not out of shape, but the pan is rotating, and the burnt finish is conservative.

Add honey as you like ...

When you eat it, the egg liquid is in an exquisite half-ripe condition, and the inside is fluffy with a soft taste. The fire goes well. When making a large French toast with a frying pan, the shape may collapse when turning it over by frying, but the Tondori Oven could be baked neatly without breaking the shape. It is a bit miserable that there is no fragrance of the grilled eyes, but the overall taste and completeness of the Tondri Oven was higher than that of the frying pan, so it is worth making it.

◆ Popcorn that pops while rotating

Since the book says 'Enclose the table while watching popping popping!', Prepare materials to see popping popping. The ingredients are salt, butter (can be olive oil) and popcorn.

To prevent the butter from flowing out, this time we will close the cap and cook.

Put all ingredients in a pan and heat on medium heat for 10 minutes.

You can check the popcorn popping up in the movie.

Popcorn popping up in a rotating pot dragonfly oven-YouTube

During heating, it turns white with water vapor, but ...

As popcorn pops, the cloudiness falls.

Popcorn is completed after 10 minutes.

As the bottom of the pot is deep, small foods like popcorn were a little hard to serve.

Like seafood fried noodles, the finish is slightly uneven. Because it is a simple seasoning with only salt and butter, it may feel unsatisfactory if you are used to eating deep-flavored popcorn in movie theaters and theme parks, but you can add seasoning for your favorite popcorn and eat it with friends It was a perfect feeling.

◆ Roasted coffee beans
The editorial staff suggested that the coffee beans can be roasted while being rotated, and that they can be mixed and mixed, 'Is it possible to roast coffee beans?', So when I actually

checked on Instagram , coffee There were a certain number of people roasting beans and chestnuts. So, first we raised 100g of Guatemalan green beans.

Put in a pan and heat while watching the situation on medium heat.

The state of roasting can be confirmed from the following movie.

Challenge roasting coffee beans in a rotating pot dragonfly oven-YouTube

The beans were removed from the pan in a total heating time of about 25 minutes. There is a slight unevenness of baking, and it seems that it is difficult to have a uniform color like the coffee you buy at a store.

After cooling the coffee beans well, grind them with a mill.

It's just roasted, so when you pour hot water into the ground beans, it will swell.

Although the roast was shallow, the bitter and sour taste was moderately light, but the coffee was easy to drink without miscellaneous taste. Many coffee roasters for home use are expensive, but it is difficult to continue roasting coffee beans for tens of minutes with a frying pan or a manual roaster. The Tondri Oven automatically mixes and can be used for cooking other than coffee beans, so it seems fun to study your preferred roasting conditions while adjusting the heat.

The Tondori Oven can be purchased at, and at the time of article creation, it was available for 21,384 yen including tax. Revolving Pan Tondori Oven Outdoor Automatic Cooking Heat Cooking Robot Chef: Large Home Appliances

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