Hokka Hokkatei Volume Full Score "Cow Stamina Bowl" Tasting Review

I bought "Beef Stamina Bowl" which was released on June 26 from Hokka Hokatai and tried it. In addition to cattle stamina rice bowl, four kinds of "Super Cow Stamina Bowl", "Tsukimi Beef Stamina Bowl" and "Super Tsukimi Beef Stamina Bowl" were on sale, so the most orthodox "Beef Stamina Bowl" and the most I tried to compare high grade "super moon cow stamina rice bowl".

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The front is a super moon bull stamina bowl, and the back is a beef stamina don bowl.

Beef stamina don is ¥ 490. It will be a moonbone beef stamina rice bowl with half-eggs plus +50 yen. Feeling that the taste of someone steamed from rice beef to rice. Garlic flavor is pretty strong, it is an image that stamina seems to be attached.

And this is a super moon beef stamina don bowl. Beef is increased by 1.5 times and rice is also increased by 100 g as compared with normal in supermarkets. But the amount of sauce has not changed, beef delicately tasted. It is like a meal to have stamina attached to a person whose physical strength has fallen, and I get disappointed when I eat it with an image where the taste intensity is coming out. Sorry for a moment.

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