Tasting reviews such as headquarters or November's new product "Chicken's sweet vinega soup bento"

Authorized stoveBought a new product "Chicken's sweet vinegared bento box", "Tsukimi beef sukiyaki" and "Beef sukiyaki lunch box" released in November and tried it.

AlreadyHokka HokkateiSukiyaki lunches have appeared, but what kind of goods did they have played in the competition?

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Lunch menu - nationwide chain main shop owner

The new product is "Chicken's sweet vinegared lunch box", "Tsukimi beef sukiyaki rice bowl", "Beef sukiyaki lunch box", Deluxe "Chicken's sweet vinegared lunch box" is deluxe, "Tsukimi beef sukiyaki" There is a derived version called Beef Suki Yakinbare.

"Chicken's Sweet Vinegared Sauce Bento". In a usual deep-fried bento lunch, the coffee is deep-fried as much as the lid is swollen, but the chicken of the kore is small. Sweet vinegar is quite sweet and may have been sour even more slightly.

"Tsukimi beef sukiyaki". Just as it is, 'Beef Suki Yakinbare'.

Tsunami's egg is different.

Put it on and complete it. The amount of vegetables such as meat and yarn konnyaku, Chinese cabbage, onion are half, sweet seasoned sukiyaki. I am glad about tofu with spicy taste. Egg is cold, it is a good accent of texture.

"Beef sukiyaki lunch box". Wrapped in a sukiyaki part so that juice would not spill. As the seasoning is dense, I was glad if the rice was a little more.

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