I have eaten "Miso pickled cow Calbi set meal" with Muzu spicy pizza with pepper miso at Matsuya

last week"Grated Ponzu Beef Cattle" and "Bamboo Beef Cattle"Matsuya just launched "Miso pickled cow Calbi set meal" on April 10 (Thurs) as a new product. Sold last yearMiso pickled pork belly baked set mealUnlike, it is a style to eat with pepper spicy yuzu pepper miso and I went to eat at once so I became anxious.

Miso pickled cow Calbi set newly released! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Also appeal to miso pickled cow Calvi set meal at the store.

When entering the shop and standing in front of the ticket vending machine, here also posters of miso pickled cow Calbi set meal.

On the right side I found a button of miso pickled cow Calbi set meal. I'll order.

Limited to those who ordered this set meal, until April 17th (Thursday) 15 o'clock Rice's sushi and sperm plants are free. This time it is a special order.

Waiting In 5 to 6 minutes Miso pickled cow Calvi set meal reached. The burning fragrance of the meat wraps the table and appetite is intensified.

A set of pepper spicy yuzu pepper miso and onion miso pickled beef galbi.

A spicy spicy Yuzu pepper miso has a considerable amount on the dish.

Onion miso pickled cow Calvin is also onion-free.

Miso pickled beef Calbi is also dark with searing brown.

Set meal is rice

Miso soup

A set of raw vegetables.

Miso baked moderately with iron plate will enhance appetite coupled with scent. Calbee has been tampered with miso so it tastes good taste, the onion is also a good accent, the rice goes to Gungun. Purple spicy Yuzu It is not salty because it is made based on the assumption that pepper miso is attached.

I will eat it with pepper spicy yuzu pepper miso on miso pickled beef ribs.

The fragrance and pungent taste of Yuzu pepper match well with Calvi on which fat grew. Spicy is not that strong even when saying spicy, but be careful with overpainting.

Since spicy spicy Yuzu pepper miso has moderate saltiness, it can go well with it as it is attached to raw vegetables.

Well thankful that miso soup will be served on set menu.

It is necessary to think about how to eat beef Calvi, how to eat pace, because it will be about the high grade at the time of the beef bowl when specializing the set meal rice specially.

Miso pickled beef Calvi Set meal price is 630 yen including tax. As the price is also reasonable and rice is going to be seasoned, it is recommended when you are hungry.

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