I have eaten Matsuya Spring's new work "Gratuiton Ponzu Beef Mush & Bamboo Beef Mushi"

Matsuya maintaining the price of the beef bowl (beef meat) in parallel even after the consumption tax increase tax, from April 1 (Tue)Grated ponzu vinegared beef tallow"When"Bamboo beef tallow"We sell. It is rare to have two new beef bowls at once, so I went to a shop and ate at once.

Grated ponzu beef cat on sale! | Matsuya Foods

Bamboo shoots (cod roe) Beef fish new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Even with the poster in front of the shop, grilled ponzu beef and ...

I was promoting bamboo beef starch.

Looking at the ticket gate ... ...

Grated ponzu beef and bamboo cattle are added.

Waiting In about 5 minutes, grilled ponzu beef pudding (430 yen in incense tax) and bamboo cattle onion (450 yen in tax) arrived.

Grated Ponzu Beef Cattle is a product that was revived for a limited time by adding a large leaf to what was previously on sale.

On the beef cattle, there are onionrots and onions with ponzu sauce.

There are also large leaves under the grated radish. The ingredients of beef cattle seems to have not been changed.

When I try to eat it, the ponzu with a refreshing sour taste · The compatibility of the fresh radish and the beef cattle is good, the crispy taste seems to be suitable for the hot summer rather than the spring. The ponzu sauce is not so salty and the sourness is firmly effective and it seems that it is made considering compatibility with beef cattle.

The refreshing fragrance of the leaves is surprisingly good with beef rice bowl. You can eat with a sense close to shabu-shabu, but there are temperature differences between grated and beef cattle, so some people may be interested. The price of 4,000 yen was felt somewhat higher considering that beef cattle supplement was 290 yen.

Miso soup that comes with a set on the bowl menu seems to be the same as before the tax increase.

There was no feeling that ingredients such as wakame seaweed and fried tofu were decreasing or quality was deteriorated even after the tax increase. Miso soup that comes with donburi free of charge seems to be subject to cost cutting at the blanket rate, but keeping the quality of those parts also has a favorable feeling.

Bamboo beef tallow (450 yen including tax) is a menu that plenty of ingredients such as bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, carrots and ginger on beef cattle, and further scallions on scallions.

Bamboo shoots and carrots ......

Plenty of ginger and shiitake mushrooms cut thinly.

There were quite a few onions on the scallion.

As I tried eating it, the bamboo shoots of Shakijaki have a moderately sour taste, the seasoning is not too strong and compatibility with beef bowl is also good. Because bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and carrots are contained, it may be close to the feeling of eating beef cakes while eating bamboo rice.

The grated ginger is a good accent as a pili, and the compatibility with beef cattle is also good.

When eating to some extent eating with a shrimp, you can enjoy a bit different taste with spicy and aroma added. Including incense tax The price of 450 yen is a price setting that can be convinced because the vegetables are quite plenty.

Grated Ponzu - beef and Bamboo cattle on sale for a limited time only. Matsuya is a spring menuIndeed spicy green onion beef tallowWe also sell for a limited time only, and on April 10Miso pickled cow Calbi set mealWe are also planning to launch a new product, a new product rush is continuing.

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