I have eaten "Burdock Miso beef me" of a combination of burdock burdock and beef boasting outstanding compatibility at Matsuya

Speaking of dishes with burdock and beef, we put in beefYanagawa NabeBurdock and beef are known for good compatibility, such as burdock of meat and burdock, but Matsuya put burdock bean paste on beef from February 13 (Thu)Burdock burdock with miso beef cattle"We sell. The menu that combined burdocks of beef bowl with a beef bowl in a past "Candy with bean pasteAlthough it was sold, but since it was novelty I went to eat.

Burdock Miso Beef Mesh New Release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Also appeal products at large in stores. I will enter a store

Looking at the ticket machine ... ...

Discover burdock-and-green miso beef cattle. I will order it.

I handed the ticket to the shop assistant, and the burdock miso beef cattle arrived in about two to three minutes.

Burdock Miso beef comes with a half-baked egg

A green onion and burdock miso are on it.

In burdock miso there is burdock burdock and lotus root.

Beef tin appliance is usually the same amount as beef cattle on menu.

I do not think I can eat it with chopsticks, so I will eat it with astragalus.

Miso with a sweet taste sweetly and a sense of texture of burdock and lotus, excellent compatibility with beef tender apples. It seems that the taste becomes quite dark by putting miso, but without such a thing, it exquisitely harmonizes. It is also Nikui director that the texture of burdock and lotus root differs subtly.

When eating to some extent, try to eat half egg with eggs.

The mellowness and richness of the eggs are added, and the taste of burdock miso and beef is complemented. Since the taste can be changed on the way, it seems that you can eat without getting tired until the end.

I also like to use seasoning because it seems to be compatible.

It adds a spicy pungent taste and aroma such as yuzu to a more complicated taste. Because the seasoning also burdock with miso beef burdock burdock, it seems to be good if spicy food is not good.

In addition, burdock miso beef sell for a limited time only. As changed beef bowl sold in recent years, it is a person with quite high quality, so it is recommended.

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