Matsuya "Tsukune Tsune Hamburger set meal" tied with a Teriyaki Teriyaki sauce and semisolid egg Taste Review

Tempered chicken meat using chicken meat meat hamburg with Japanese style Teriyaki sauce and half-egg egg togetherChicken meatball hamburger steak"(580 yen including tax) was released from Matsuya on Thursday, December 10th. Hamburger steam seems to be juicy and plump, so I was concerned about compatibility with semi - egg eggs, so I decided to go eat.

"Chicken meatball hamburger steak dish" new release! | Matsuya Foods

After arriving at Matsuya, I ordered and waited for about 5 minutes and the menu came.

The color of a bright green onion is shining on the teriyaki sauce that reflects the light, and it is a look that fights the appetite.

Hamburger is a thick feeling, there is a resilience a little elastic rather than a soft texture of fluffy. Teriyaki sauce is good at sweetness and good compatibility with hamburger steak. As a trolley, I often get involved in hamburger steak. It feels good to feel the spicyness of spicy green onion in sweetness.

I have plenty of sauce, and I will steadily hamburger steaks from the cuts.

I tried half-egg eggs this time. A mellow soft sweetness different from the sweetness of Teriyaki sauce is added, and the richness can be felt even more.

Hamburger is an elegant taste, but also perfect for side dishes. Hamburger steak was thick and there was a volume, the balance of the amount with rice was just right.

Teriyaki sauce with sweetness keeps eating a bit, but when you eat a set of salads you will feel better in the mouth as the next mouth will progress.

Please note that this menu is free until 15 o'clock on December 27 rice sperm and special souvenirs are free.

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