Matsuya "Champignon sauce hamburger set meal" tasting review with boiled French mushrooms with fresh cream review

Mushrooms such as mushrooms were boiled with white wine or fresh cream, and concentrated "Champignon sauce" was combined with Japanese mushrooms such as Eringhi and Shimeji to match with Azu's hamburgerChampignon sauce hamburger steak"Appeared as a new menu of Matsuya. I actually went and tried to eat what it is with hamburg which is felt in France with champignon sauce made with French mushrooms and mushroom collaboration.

Champignon sauce hamburger steak dish new release! | Matsuya Foods

That's why I came to Matsuya.

Posters are also posted on the shop front.

It is said that the limited time rice service is in service.

Waiting to wait 5 minutes Champignon sauce Hamburger steak was set like this.

Several kinds of mushrooms are on the hamburger steak, and brown champignon sauce is put around.

First of all, when you eat the mushrooms that saw the sauce, you can feel the sweetness like onion with the taste like boiling consommé soup finished mellowly with fresh cream. Mushrooms are soft with boiled mushrooms, Ellinghi has a reasonably chewy texture, and shimeji is plump and can enjoy different textures.

The hamburger steak baked with iron plate is very juicy and overflows with juice and juice when putting a spoon. If you try plenty of champignon sauce and eat it, it fits well with the juicy meat taste and you can also feel the elegant fragrance of mushrooms faintly. A soft hamburger feels a crunchy mushroom accent, and this mood at the time of chewing spreads to the mouth.

Champignon sauce is a source used for French cuisine, but excellent with companion with rice. Because it is a thick seasoning, even when it was served, it was eaten with pelori.

Champignon sauce itself is a rich sauce, but because the set meal comes with fresh vegetables, you can eat without getting tired of it.

Because there are plenty of three kinds of mushrooms, it is a disappointing menu to like mushrooms.

"Champignon sauce hamburger set meal" is sold at Matsuya outside the Kanto district from Thursday, November 19th, 2015, and in the Kanto district it is available from 10 o'clock on Thursday, December 3rd. Price is set at 650 yen including tax, 460 yen including tax when separately set, rice is served for one week from the launch date.

In the Matsuya area of ​​Kanto district, "Pork set tea set meal" (690 yen including tax) is on sale from November 19 (Thu), and in Matsuya other than the Kanto region, it is on offer from 10 o'clock on Thursday, December 3 .

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