Anonymous who declared war on ISIS of Paris simultaneous terrorism released "ISIS hacking guide"


International hacker group "anonymous"Is a terrorist organization" Muslim country (ISIS) "who claims to be the mastermind of simultaneous multiple terrorism in France's capital, Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015Declaration of warDid. The following movies are published on the Internet to declare war on Anonymous to ISIS and declare that "attacks on an unprecedented scale are done".

Hackers Identifying With Anonymous To Isis: We Will Never Let Up - YouTube

After declaring war,Down 5,500 Twitter accounts related to ISISAlthough it is anonymism that has been taking action by making full use of the skill as a hacker, we are calling out a topic that it was newly released the "ISIS hacking guide".

Anonymous released an ISIS hacking guide - Hacking News

ISIS has a guideline in which "How to prevent hacking from anonymous hackers" is written, but what came out as if to counter this is that Anonymous said "How can ISIS accounts and websites Is it a hacking guide "? It is a guide" ISIS Hacking Guide ".

A guide written about ISIS's "How to prevent hacking from anonymous hackers" was revealed by a message sent by SNS account "Khilafah News" to a group with the subject "Warning" It is written in the message "Follow 5 steps" to avoid hacking by anonymous. The five steps are as follows.

1:The source will never be opened except for a definite link.
2:For security reasons, always change the IP of the mobile phone and computer using VPN.
3:TelegramDo not talk with unknown people. If an abnormal situation occurs on Telegram, it is a sign of hacking.
Four:I do not communicate with people even on Twitter's DM. DM may also be used for hacking.
Five:Do not use the same character string for Twitter's user account and mail address.

It does not write any complicated things at all, it is written with notes on security aspects that anyone can practice.

The "ISIS Hacking Guide" released as an understanding for Anonymous hacking against this ISIS side guide is as follows. It describes the tool used for hacking and how to use it in detail, it does not compare with the ISIS guide. If you read this guide, it is unknown whether you can become a one-time anonymous.

The Noob Guide - Ghostbin

Also, not only the hacking method but also the page on which "How do you discover a website to hack?" Is published.

Search Terms - Ghostbin

ISON related site search method of Anonymous direct transmission is as follows.

1:If you do not have onePythonObtained.
2:For Mac, open a terminal (command prompt on Windows), type "python".
Four:Select three strings from the list. For example, suppose you select "str 3" "str 38" "str 42".
Five:In that case, enter "print (str3 + str38 + str42)" at the terminal and copy the result.
6:Copy the result toGoogleSearch and search. Convert the displayed page by Google translation and check it.
7:And if you get valid information, members handle it appropriately.

Incidentally,Business InsiderAccording to ISIS, "Telegram" of the communication application, "Distributed DNS server" which protects the website from DDoS attack "CloudFlareIt was revealed that they used to protect their websites.

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