Matsuya "Tomato Basil Hamburger set meal" tasting two sources of tomato & basil Taste Review

From September 17 th, 2015 (Thursday) I plated tomato sauce and basil sauce on hamburger baked plumply from iron plate from Matsuya "Set with tomato basil hamburger steak"Has appeared as a new menu. It is said that the two sources of tomato × basil are finished in a sauce with a good compatibility with rice, so I actually went to a shop and ate.

Tomato Basil Hamburger steak set new launch! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

In the store, tomato basil hamburg gourd set meal was announced with a poster.

So, when ordering tomato basil hamburg gourmet meal, it was delivered in about 5 minutes.

The main dish's hamburger has plenty of tomato sauce and basil sauce to draw a circle, with powder cheese on top in the middle.

It is a pleasing place for set meals to bring raw vegetables that supplement vegetable shortages.

This is about the same amount of rice.

Miso soup is attached to the set meal.

As soon as you eat hamburger steak, the acidity and umami of tomatoes, and the fragrance of garlic like peperoncino spread out in your mouth. After that the refreshing aroma of basil will escape the nose. Basil sauce itself is also mellow and seasoned, it seems likely to be a pasta sauce to spaghetti.

Because it is a strongly salty sauce overall, compatibility is outstanding as accompanying rice.

Garlic oil rather than tomato sauce around hamburger steak. If you do not mind the calorie, this oil is the source of the taste, so rice will proceed if you add plenty to hamburger steak.

As the sauce contained cut tomatoes in the sauce, I enjoyed the texture of tomatoes. There is a change in the taste than the hamburger of a simple tomato sauce, it can be eaten without being bored till the end, so it seems to be just right when you want to eat Western style hamburgers.

In addition, the price of "tomato basil hamburger set meal" is 590 yen including tax, until the 24th of September thorough rice dish free service is underway.

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