I ate Matsuya's 'hand-made roll cabbage set meal' which confined the umami of meat with a sweet cabbage

From Monday, February 20, 2018 (Tuesday) in Matsuya, we cooked meat with sweet cabbage and confined the umami to the new set menu "Set meal roll cabbage set meal"Has appeared. I ordered a new set menu which makes 300 grams of vegetables in the whole set meal by actually placing a warm tomato base tailored sauce on roll cabbage and eating it at Matsuya.

Hand-made roll cabbage set menu new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsuya.

The display of the new menu is in front of the shop.

For the display, two weeks from the date of release, free service of rice syrup is carried out between March 6 (Tuesday) and 10 o'clock in 2018, and it is also possible to raise specialty with a further plus of 40 yen There was description.

We will order hand crammed roll cabbage set meal (690 yen including tax) at the store's touch panel ticket vending machine.

"Organized roll cabbage set meal" arrived after about 5 minutes from order. For the set meal it includes a set, raw vegetables and rice, roll cabbage and miso soup. You can also add a potato salad to a salad by placing it for 40 yen.

I'll eat the main roll cabbage.

The size of the instrument is like this when compared with the long side of the iPhone 7.

There are plenty of red tomato base-based sauce on top of the roll cabbage, and it smells warm tomato sauce.

I tried putting a spoon in the roll cabbage and it was soft and it was short. When eating, the warm and rich red tomato base tailored sauce and umami with solid taste spread to the mouth, and the sweetness of the cabbage complements their taste. The umami of rich sauce and ground meat was perfectly compatible with rice.

Hand-made roll cabbage set meal is a limited-time menu, and the end date is undecided. Although it is on sale at the Matsuya store nationwide, please note that you can not order at some stores, Oi Racecourse store, Nishinomiya Naosu SA store, Tenri PA upload store, Kwansei Gakuin university store, Aeon Style Toyoda store and so on.

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