Mr. Matsuya 's Cheese Tacalcabi set meal which I mix and stir rice cheese and spicy chicken is tried

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 From 10 o'clock New Menu 's menu "Cheese Tacalcabi set meal"Has appeared. Cheese Tacalcabi set meal is a main set meal of sweet spices sauce and chicken meat, cheese taccarbie using thick cheese melted with thick roast. In addition to chicken meat, cheese tacalg bee is rich in ingredients such as cabbage, carrot, etc. It is a menu to eat with cheese and condiment sauce applied ingredients. I actually eaten Matsuya 's cheese taccarbie and mix it.

Cheese "Taccarb Happiness" set new launch! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsuya.

In front of the shop there was a poster of Cheese Taccarbbi set menu of the new menu.

Cheese Tacalcabi set meal included "garlic" and caution indicating that it was a painful menu. It seems better to be careful before meeting with people or eating people who are not good at eating spicy food.

We will order cheese tacalcabi set meal (730 yen including tax) with ticket vending machines inside the store. Two weeks from the release date, from January 23 (Tuesday), 2018 to 10:00 on February 6 (Tuesday), 2018, since Rice Sushima free service is under way, I ordered rice with a huge order. In addition, it is necessary to separately change 40 yen to change to special gift. Cheese Tacalcabi set meals are plus 390 yen, the amount of meat is twice, and the cheese taccarbie W (double) set meal is also available, with plentiful rice and special prime.

A cheese tacall rice set meal arrives in about 6 minutes. The side menu has raw vegetables and can be changed to potato salad with plus 40 yen.

Besides the side menu, miso soup is contained in the bowl, and rice is included in the set.

I'll eat the main cheese taccarbie.

Cheese Taccarbie's bowl is like this when compared with the long side of iPhone 7.

Cheese is sprinkled on top and green green onions are sprinkled. I can see the entangled spice sauce using red red pepper paste from the edge.

Under the cheese there is chicken with red spice sauce ... ...

Vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and onions are also included, which is a tool.

I will eat it by mixing with the taste of your choice.

When I try to eat, there is a response to eat with sweet spice sauce and rich cheese rich in compatibility with chicken and vegetables with gorot.

The meal was advanced with cheese taccarbie involved with a sweet spice sauce, and the large rice requested free of charge was flattened with perori.

Cheese Tacalcubi set meal is on sale for a limited time at Matsuya all over the country except some stores. "Cheese Tacalcab" set meal is price 730 yen including tax, "Cheese Taccarb bi-sole" price is 530 yen including tax. And the price of "Cheese Taccarb W (double) set meal" which has twice the amount of chicken is 1120 yen including tax, Cheese Taccarb W set meal can be changed free of rice syrup or special syrup. Both of them can take home cheese takkarubi set meals, but when takeaway, miso soup is not included in the set. Since it is a limited-time menu for which the sales end period is undecided at the time of article creation, it seems better to taste people who are interested at an earlier stage.

The stores that do not sell are as follows, so if you are worried about this other store, it seems better to check in advance.
·Oi Racecourse Store
·Nishinomiya Naosa SA store
·Tenri PA upload store
·Kwansei Gakuin University School
·Ion style Toyota storeSuch

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