I tried using "rhyme note" which will rhyme with rumors with more than two hundred thousand words and also give you a polite explanation

In the poem saying that "vowel" or "reverberation" deliberately arranges the same thing is called "rhyme" or "rhyming". Rhymes are commonly seen in poetry around the world such as haiku poetry and Chinese poetry, especially rhyming is important for rap in hip-hop music. "Rhyme note"Is a site that automatically finds the words that rhyme with the same rhyme when you enter your favorite words and is also a summary of what kind of rhapses rhymes have followed.Hosokawa TakahideIt is open to the public for free, and it is accessible from PC and smartphone.

Rhyming word search site 【rhyme note】 | Rhyming dictionary and commentary / can be saved

I tried to access 'rhyme note' from smartphone's browser. The word registered is more than 2 million words.

Enter the appropriate words in the upper column and tap "Search" to hit the same rhyme words as the words you type. For example, if you enter "stone roasted sweet potato" and search it ...

"Reach site" "West Taiwoo" etc. hit. Since it does not correspond to the symbol and some idioms, in that case you need to input it using katakana or hiragana. By linking Twitter accounts to rhyming notes, you can save and organize your favorite words.

To link "Tweet account" to "rhyming note", scroll down the top page and tap "Login" in the menu.

Jump to Twitter's linkage authentication screen, so if you enter account and password and tap "Login", cooperation with "rhyme note" will be done. Tweet authority will be transferred because it can tweet your favorite rhyme. After login succeeds it returns to the top.

By searching for the same rhyme words in "rhyme note", it is possible not only to display candidates side by side, but also to view commentary on the mechanism of rhyming the words. For example, tap "To commentary" of "reach site" displayed by searching "stone roasted sweet potato".

Then, detailed comment is displayed on how rhymes "stone yakimoto" and "reach site" are rhyming, after each vowel is color-coded & compared.

Further scrolling down the comment page, there was a button to tweet rhyming of "stone roasted sweet potato" and "leach site". Tap "Tweet" ......

I was tweeted with a linked account "I can step on" Stone roasted potato "and" reach site ".

Furthermore, when you scroll down the top page, "rhymes recently added" was displayed in the dictionary in the past. Since rhymes actually used by wrappers are also registered, it seems to be useful enough for Japanese lap research as well.

Because "rhyming note" that anyone can easily experience rhyming enjoyment was attracted too much attention, there were also times when the server of "rhyme note" dropped at the time of article creation.

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