If two cats express their characters using their bodies, it is a human character. A cat font "cat font"

I used faces of cats of various poses and made felt cat fonts if it is a human character "Neko font". If it is a half-width alphabet, you can also use the symbol, you can download it and use it as well as write it in html and use it on the web.

Neko font

Usage is as simple as inserting a character in the text box in the middle of the page and clicking "Create".

Then the page will be displayed like this.

Capital letter A is a figure of two cats hugging.

If you want to use it on the net, write it to the html you want to display javascript below OK.

Also, pressing the "download button" will display the image, so you can save it by right clicking.

Note that fonts correspond to single-byte alphanumeric characters, symbols, but Japanese can not be displayed.

If you write "GIGAZINE" in the cat font, it will be displayed as follows.

Next let's write "gigazine" in lower case letters.


Two cats that embody letters are "Raizo (Raizo)" and "Mondo (main water)". A kitten picked up in 2012 spelled two days.Cat catchIt is also possible to read.

Furthermore, it is said that the cat fonts for SNS, which can create pages introducing their site using SNS, are also under construction. Fontized pet posting site is also under preparation, and it seems that the type of font will be increasing more and more from now.

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