'POEMI :: Poem Generator' that posts written text in poem style

The Internet has become widespread, and more people can publish poetry. “ POEMI :: Poem Generator ” is a poem-like post for writing your own text.

POEMI :: Poem Generator

Easy to use. Just write the author's name and a poem of 130 characters or less in the text box on the screen. If you do not want to be displayed in the poem list displayed on the home page, check 'Do not display in poem list'. Click the confirmation button when you are finished.

Then, the content entered in 'Poem' is displayed in a soft font, and ordinary sentences look like poem and you can enjoy the poetry popularity. If there is no problem with the contents on the confirmation screen, click “Send”.

A great poem has been released in this way. However, care must be taken not to inadvertently write embarrassing content at midnight. You can also easily share your poem on Twitter and Facebook. Click “Create Poem” to return to the poem production screen.

If the poem content is too long, the text and author name will be displayed, so be careful.

Various poems are posted on recently posted poems.

A cry of heart rather than poem ...

歌詞 Band lyrics are written as they are ...

Giant lines were also written. There seems to be no one who posts very seriously.

POEMI makes it easy to make poems and publish them, so it might be good for making memories in the summer.

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