A text comparison tool "difff (Dufufu)" which can easily check differences in Japanese

"Difff (Dufufu)" is a net service that allows you to confirm the difference between two sentences by simply copying the sentence you want to compare and pressing the button. Although the name is slightly storyy, practicality is high, even Japanese text is OK.

Difff - Dufufu

The appearance of the site looks something like this, since two text boxes are lined up and down, paste the text before the change and the text after the change respectively, and only press the "Compare" button at the end.

The result is like this, before the change is on the left and after the change is on the right. Since the paragraphs are aligned on the left and right, the changed parts are highlighted, so you can see at a glance what is different.

Even if it is something that you do not know exactly what is changing just by looking at eyes ......

You can check with this tool. In this case, parentheses changed from half-sized to full-width.

I developed the toolMeso_cacaseMr.Although we were interacting with Word files, somehow there were strange characters in unrelated places, but the history function was somewhat useless as we were copying the entire documentIt seems he made it. In addition,You can use it without worry because you do not log the entered textThat thing.

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