How nice! 'Nisshi,' a social journal service for text games without buttons or comments

If you are using Facebook or blog, you may be worried that the 'Like' button is pressed, you may be worried that you have commented on the posted article, or you are too worried I just post what I want and it's good! Tired of pressing the button and likes on Facebook! It

doesn't matter if you click all at once ! Sometimes, you may not be able to understand what you want to do, but contrary to the flow of SNS, delete the 'like' button and comment column, no upload of photos, specialize in text only Nisshi is a social journal service that aims to simply speak in sentences.

Nisshi-Social diary service

How do posts look like? Let's look at that in the diary of the creator, Motofumi Goto .

At the bottom of the posted article, only the 'read function' that shows the posting time, the number of times the article was read, and who followed the article, was displayed. No comments are displayed.

I actually made a diary. Fill in your username, password and email address and click 'Create Account'.

The account was created immediately. Log in using the user name and password registered earlier.

The default diary looks like this.

Change the design or profile.

You can change two types of images: 'icon' and 'cover'. You can set your own website URL, self-introduction, etc.

The diary after the icon and cover changes are like this.

Although it does not have a 'Like' button or comment function, it is possible to follow and follow Nisshi users, and check the status of followers on 'Feeds'. It does not mean.

Actually post the article. Many blogs allow you to upload images and use emoji, but Nisshi is really text only. It is designed to express everything in words only.

The article was displayed like this. The content of the

spam quoted from SPAM MUSEUM is ' I may not believe it, but I am a chimpanzee. '

In addition, it will be as follows when displayed on iPhone 5.

Since there is no function to search for users, there is no way for third parties to access their own journals other than exposing them to external SNS or going through followers, and sharing diaries in a familiar and intimate relationship Can. You can set a public range and create a private diary that can only be viewed by anyone who has permission, so it is also convenient when you are tired of SNS or as a personal memo.

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