I drank 2 kinds of can coffee "HERCIA COFFEE" that make body fat more easy to consume

Kao's "Healthya"There are green tea and water,Carbonated drinkThere are a wide variety of beverages such as, but it is new from April 4"HERCIA COFFEE"Has appeared.Special insuranceMany of the drinks are habitually tasteful, but I tried drinking with courage to see what kind of taste this Helussian coffee is.

Birth of Herusia coffee which makes fat consumption more easy for those concerned about Kao body fat

This is a newly released Herscia coffee.

It is described in the canCoffee polyphenol (coffee chlorogenic acid)"Promotes the decomposition and burning of fat accumulated in the body and newly entering fat. As this coffee chlorogenic acid is greatly reduced by ordinary roasting, it seems to be suppressing the decrease of coffee chlorogenic acid by its own technology.

A package of sugarless black is like this.

Coffee is the only raw material. Contents amount is 185 g.

Both lipids and saccharides are zero, calories are only 9 kcal with this can.

I actually drank it, the scent unique to coffee and sourness, richness is quite small. It is quite unsatisfactory for those who like coffee to grind coffee beans on their own. Instead it has few habits, so even people who are not good at black coffee are easy to drink.

Next challenge the fine sugar milk.

0.6 g of lipid, 1.6 g of saccharide, calories are 24 kcal. Three times as much calorie as the previous sugarless black.

As I tried drinking it is getting felt sweet and sweet though it is a fine sugar, it is just right if you are a drinker who likes sweet caffe au lait.

Because the intense and strange taste such as the unique kind of "herdsia continuing to drink," such a kind of intriguing and strange taste has been considerably alleviated, in that sense it is enough to pass. However, as a matter of course it is a feeling like "canned coffee", so for those who are looking for tasty, high-smelling canned coffee it means that what you are looking for is too different. It is for the case that "I want a Hersia series which is easy to drink a bit more than before" to the last.

Amazon.co.jp: Hercules coffee micro sugar milk (185 g × 3 bottles): Food & amp; Beverages

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