Intel will announce that the transfer rate of the next generation "Thunderbolt" will be doubled and it will become even cheaper, products will be released within the year

A standard that enables high-speed transfer adopted in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, etc.ThunderboltIntel announced that it will be twice the conventional 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps.

New Intel Thunderbolt ™ Advancements at the NAB Show

First of all, how fast is it at the moment? That's because Intel'sPDF fileYou can see from the graph below. Even at this moment, it is about twice as fast although it is still fast.

At the moment the most famous products with Thunderbolt are the following Apple products.

Aside from Apple products as well, the percentage of laptop PCs that appear in 2013 and so on is considerably increasing, and you can see that Intel is desperately trying to popularize it.

Products that are actually on sale look like this, high-speed transfer is not good, so it is a large capacity external HDD for backup, products utilizing high-speed image processing are prominent utilizing high-speed transfer.

Intel provides a set called Intel DSL 4510/4410 Thunderbolt Controller that supports DisplayPort 1.2 (native connectable), improves power management, improves power managementBOM cost(Total cost of materials and components used to make products) can be reduced. To be clear,Although it is twice the transfer speed of the conventional one, the manufacturing cost will be lowered so it will be possible to offer it cheaply,about it. And this next-generation Thunderbolt is targeting the coming fourth-generation Intel Core processor series.

Thunderbolt cables are also to be offered at a low price, with cables from 1 meter to 3 meters appearing thinner, and at the moment up to 30 meters long, in the second quarter of 2013 100 Cables that will be possible up to the length of meters are to be released.

Next generation Thunderbolt with this transfer rate twice the prototype controller called code name "Falcon Ridge" already exists, 20 Gbps transfer rate has already been realized, the image is transferred at 4 K exceeding full HD, and simultaneously displayed It is showing the full explosive speed that makes it possible, the following are actual products. "Light Ridge" on the left is the first generation earlier, the next generation Thunderbolt whose left side is the third generation, in the middle two.

For example, on the left-hand side, it is clear that how to actually use it is as follows. For example, in the case of the example on the left, while displaying images on two monitors using a single Thunderbolt cable from a notebook PC, It is possible to use such as transfer. In the example on the right, while displaying super high resolution video data of 4K quality on the monitor, save the data itself to the external drive of the RAID, perform video capture, etc. Also save on the mobile storage that can carry the encoded data You can use it like that.

The next-generation Thunderbolt with double speed will be put into the market around the end of 2013, and products will be scheduled to appear within the year.

Since backup and transfer of large volume data is certainly a painful problem, the next-generation Thunderbolt may be perfect for solving such a problem, but the biggest competitor against it is the next-generation USB 3.0 It is finally decided by the balance of performance and price, the number of corresponding products, so this year it is likely to be a winning year.

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