The specification of 'USB 3.0' which is 10 times faster formally decided, the timing of appearance also revealed

Once at GIGAZINE"USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed ​​USB)" that became 10 times faster than "USB 2.0" with the maximum speed of 480 Mbps will appear in the futureWe informed you that the specification was officially determined at last.

Also, the time when products actually adopting "USB 3.0" will appear is also clarified.

Details are as follows.

According to the announcement of USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) which is developing USB specifications, controllers for PCs supporting USB 3.0 and electronic devices are said to appear in the second half of 2009, and external hard disks and flash It is supposed to be installed in products such as memory, digital camera and music player in 2010.

In addition, because USB 3.0 has the same shape and the like of the connector, it maintains backward compatibility with the conventional USB 2.0 interface, and because it can use conventional USB devices, the communication speed is 10 times In addition to becoming 4.8 Gbps of the USB, it is a new step of USB evolution.

With the introduction of USB 3.0, data transfer speed seems to be dramatically improved, but the transfer rate of flash memory and hard disk seems to be a bottleneck this time ...

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