Explosive HDD that realized transfer speed that is inevitable for SSD has come to appear

By adopting PCI-Express connection announced the other day and RAID 0Ultra high-speed SSD of OCZ achieving maximum speed of 700 MB per secondYaIntel's high-speed type SSDAlthough it is a HDD that had been taking the delay to SSD at the transfer speed by the appearance of the HDD, the HDD of the explosion speed finally caught in the SSD appeared.

Compared to SSD, it is an HDD that can record large capacity data and low price, but it is likely that it will be a long way to retire from the front line as new high-speed transfer is realized.

Details are as follows.
Seagate Technology - Seagate And AMD Unveil World's First Demonstration Of Serial ATA 6 Gigabit / Second Technology For High-Speed ​​PC Applications

According to this release, Seagate, a leading manufacturer of HDD, has partnered with AMD to provide an interface for connecting HDDs and optical drives to computersSerial ATA"It is said that we made a demonstration of a new high-speed transfer standard.

It realized a transfer rate of 6 Gbps which is twice the current mainstream 3 Gbps serial ATA, and it has compatibility with conventional standards.

Then, after actually preparing a HDD of a prototype (prototype) corresponding to the serial ATA interface of 6 Gbps and comparing with the transfer rate of the HDD of the conventional model compatible with the 3 Gbps serial ATA interface, the transfer speed of the prototype is It is said that 5.5 Gbps (about 687 MB per second) and the transfer rate of the conventional model has become 2.5 Gbps (about 312.5 MB per second).

According to the following article, the prototype of HDD compatible with the 6 Gbps serial ATA interface used in the demonstration will be commercialized around the end of the year.

TechConnect Magazine - Seagate teams up with AMD to demo SATA 6 Gbps drive

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