Massive "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Trading cards collection for sale, weighs aoubt 317 lbs.

What a collection! 144kg(about 317 lbs.) of Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading cards collection were on the bid. That will be commuted to about 120 thousand cards. Guess how much the bid went.

Read on for details.

(Japanese)Yahoo!Auction - Retiring * 120,000 cards total * bundle sale * includes many undiscloseds

According to the page, the auctioneer got this tons(one tenth of it, acutually) of cards up to Yahoo auctions to cover the cost of his new car. The collection includes many rare cards, some of them are undisclosed. Since there were so many cards, auctioneer had to measure the weight of cards and approximate the number of it from its weight.

The breakdown is as shown; Holographic Rares are seemed to be the rarest of the rares. Only 0.0025% of the whole collection.

-4 Holographic Rares
-about 602 Ultimate Rares
-about 1064 Secret Rares
-about 4095 Ultra Rares
-about 4974 Super Rares
-about 12000 Rares
-about 101000 normals

Rarer cards in the collection

Non-rare cards in the collection, or just too many to show their rareness

Towers can be made out of it.

In the last, there were 63 bids total and resulted at 694 thousand yen(about 6140 USD).

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