Sony Develops 800 Mbps High-Speed ​​Transfer / Large Capacity Memory Card, Ship It During This Year

In collaboration with SanDisk, Sony adopted the PCI Express interface for the first time in the world for commercial video cameras, etc. Large capacity memory card capable of high-speed transfer of 800 Mbps "SxS memory card"We jointly developed technical specifications, and it seems that we began to develop.

The shipment is scheduled for 2007.

Details are as follows.
Sony Japan | Press Releases | SanDisk and Sony agree to form technical specifications for high-capacity memory cards capable of high-speed data transfer for commercial video cameras

According to this release, "SxS memory card" is the world's first compliant to the "ExpressCard" standard which has been rapidly spreading in the PC industry in recent years as a next generation PC card replacing the conventional PC card standard, It seems to be able to transfer data at high speed without converting signals through a high-speed PCI Express interface with a maximum transfer rate of 2.5 Gbps (theoretical value).

Also, the size of the card itself is about 1/2 the size of the conventional PC card, although the capacity is larger than the conventional PC card.

By the way, regarding the ExpressCard standard, the following links are detailed.

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