Shredder for professional use that can be completely dismantled even in a car

It is a demonstration movie by the company SSI that sells commercial shredders, but it is grinding thoroughly by throwing in the car as it is. It is also possible to see the power of smoking to crush from the HDD to the chassis of the arcade game.

The movie is from the following.
The refrigerator crushes like tofu.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \\ Refrigerator // (SSI industrial shredder)

Dodge · Daytona falls apart.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \\ Dodge Daytona // (SSI industrial shredder)

BMW also shattered.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \\ PRI - MAX vs BMW! (Shredder vs. car) //

Game machines fall apart in an instant.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \\ ASTEROIDS: The Arcade Game // (SSI Shredder)

Mix and mix computers and printers.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \\ Computers, Printers, etc. //

HDD put out good sound and fall apart.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \ \ Hard Drives // (SSI industrial shredder)

A rugged CRT monitor also gobbles in tens of seconds.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \\ Monitors - TV's // (SSI industrial shredder)

It is somewhat crazy for concrete packing of drums.
YouTube - WATCH IT SHRED! \\ Concrete Filled Drums // (SSI shredder)

Other movies shredding various things are seen from the following.

SSI Shredding Demonstrations

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