"Twitter disappearance ranking in Japan" ranking Twitter disposition based on account of millions


Users who post tweet hundreds of tweets on Twitter every day are called "Twitter disappointed" users, but it is possible to find out what users are talking about twitter disappointment in Japan net service "Japan Twitter disapproval ranking"Has appeared. The ranking is updated everyday, and rankings are created only for manual tweets excluding bot (automatic tweet), and at the time of article creation, access is rushing and it is difficult to display the page.

Japan Twitter disappearance ranking - whotwi graphical Twitter analysis

When "Japan Twitter disappearance ranking" is opened, users on the top page ranked first to 20th in disapproval rankings are staggeringly displayed.

In detail, in addition to the Twitter account name and profile, "ranking" "point" "number of tweets" "number of followers / followers" "last modified date" is displayed. The cumulative tweet number of users in the 1st place is amazing 1.77 million 6933 tweets.

I was wondering how many tweets I had on the day, clicking on the user name and seeing ......

The average number of tweets on the day was how far up to 11,678.3 times.

Also, by clicking the tile button on the top right corner of the top page, you can see the icons of 5,000 disabled Twitter users in rows and columns. Of the top 5000 accounts, there are as many as 2000 people tweeting over 100 times a day.

By entering the Twitter account in the search box at the top of the page, you can see the specific trend of tweets in detail. "Friendly people" who are interacting frequently on Twitter, times of tweets, the most active time, the total number of characters, the average number of characters, the average number of characters per day, the total number of characters, the average tweets interval ......

By scrolling down the page you can see detailed tweet trends, trends in tweet time, trends in tweets' days of the week and time zones. For example,NHK News(@ Nhk_news), there are many tweets in the morning, daytime, evening and night.

By further scrolling through the page, you can also see the trend of follow-up situation analysis, Twitter client you are using, hash tags.

If you say "If you do not want to show your Twitter disposition to others!", Click "Log in with Twitter" at the top of the page to make the setting.

Please enter your user name and password and login.

Click on the account name in the upper right of the page and open "Settings" to display the option "Display user page" so you can choose whether to display your account information in the Japanese Twitter disapproval rankings .

In addition, "Twitter disapproval ranking in Japan" was created by Twitter analysis toolWhotwiAlso,To here(@ Koni).

Japan Twitter disappearance ranking (beta) has been released! - koni blog

According to Mr. Kon, the relationship between the number of tweets on the day and the ranking is as shown in the table below, and even if you post 100 tweets a day, you can only be in 2000th place, just "Twitter the path of scraps is deep It is steep, it is w.

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