TwiGaTen tool to discover Twitter's image reprint

A free web service that allows you to search similarly from the images posted on Twitter or find an image transcription and parrot tree by entering an account name or tweet URL is "TwiGaTen"is. By linking with the Twitter account, you can also check whether or not parcuys are occurring on your timeline.

Similar images on Twitter / A man who finds reprint - TwiGaTen

TwiGaTen is "a tool that collects tweets with images on Twitter and displays similar images together," and some functions can be used even when you are not logged in. Click "See popular tweets" on the top page.

Then, similar images are searched from public accounts on Twitter, and the total of "Like" and "Retweet" is displayed in descending order. In addition, when multiple images are included in one tweet, it is said that they perform similarity judgment one by one and display them separately.

By clicking "Time order" in the upper menu, it is possible to rearrange the image re-tweets in the newest order.

If you click "next day" "previous day" you can also go back to the past popularity tweet.

There is also a function to select a date from the calendar, but at the time of article creation it was supposed to be skipped to today's popular tweet page no matter which date was clicked.

Also, you can search by user name or tweet URL, so click "Search by user name / Tweet URL" on the top page. It is also possible to search by entering it in the search box at the top right of the page.

Enter '@ gigazine' on the trial and try searching for the image reprint tweet.

Accounts tweeting images similar to images posted by GIGAZINE 's Twitter account have been displayed for each image one by one.

To see more about similar images, click "View on another page".

Then, an individual page for each image is displayed and you can check the URL of the former tweet. Also, if you enter a URL in the search box and search, the same page will be displayed.

Then, in order to try out functions available only after logging in, click "Log in with Twitter account" on the top page.

Enter the user name and password of Twitter and click "Authenticate linked applications".

When "registration completed" is displayed, it is ready, so wait for a while until image collection on the timeline is done.

After waiting for a while, select the account name from the menu and click "Timeline".

If an image similar to the image Tweet you posted by the account you are following is found, the account you are following will be displayed on the left side and similar images will be displayed side by side on the right side. Since the posting time of the tweet is also displayed, it is easier to judge that "Which account did you tweet the first image?"

From the menu at the top, you can also select "Show RT" or "Exclude RT" option, so if you set "except RT", it seems to be useful for detection of parakeets.

Also, by clicking "My Tweet" in the menu, it was also possible to check whether the image you posted was copied to another account.

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