A real glimpse of the person who retweeted his tweet "A guy who displays tweets right after retweet"

After tweeting someone's tweet on Twitter, there are times when you tweet about what you retweeted, but it is very hard to follow such tweets other than followers. Still, the service that people who seems to be useful may be useful, as it is not easy to wonder what people who retwe their own tweets are tweeting afterwards "A guy displaying tweets right after retweeting"is. According to the service name, it is a service that displays tweets immediately after retweeting, you can check the reaction after retweing simply by entering the URL of tweet you want to link with Twitter or check the reaction.

A guy displaying tweets right after retweeting

First, fly to the link above and click "Sign in".

Want to see the reaction immediately after retweing in "Show me tweet immediately after retweet" Login with Twitter account.

Click "Authenticate cooperative application".

With this you will be able to "show tweets immediately after retweets".

On the screen, the tweets made with the linked Twitter account are listed in order from the newest, so click on "Show Tweets after Retweet" of the tweets you'd like to see the reaction.

Then, under the tweeted tweet you will see what each user tweeted after retweeting. Up to 100 tweets can be displayed from the newly retweered user.

Looking down to the bottom, it says "Retweet and reply to others" and "No tweets right after retweeting" are displayed. Tweets after the tweets after that are tweeted tweets that are tweeted within about 10 minutes from the retweet, so anything tweeted after more time is not displayed .

If you click on "Retweet and Reply to Others", you will be shown a reply to others who have retweeted other tweets besides just tweets.

When this is displayed, only the retweet which is not related at all is displayed.

In addition, it is possible to change the number of display from the upper right of the screen right after retweing. Initially it is set to show only one tweet per user, but if you change the setting you can increase the number of display tweets up to 10 per user.

If you enter the URL of the tweet you wish to check the response immediately after retweeting into "Tweet URL" at the top of the screen, you can check the reaction, not tweet of your Twitter account.

The creator of "who displays tweets immediately after retweet"JZ 5Mr. is.

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