"Pulmejajan Udon" which stirs udon with powdered cheese is a brand new gourmet co-owner

Top brand of powdered cheese "Kraft 100% Parmesan cheese" is often used for western foods such as Napolitan and Gratin, but "Jasan Sauce" sautaed with seasonings such as pea mackerel and miso with Chinese cuisine mixed minced, In cooking Japanese food "Udon", cooking with Wadashi inside which we eat Parmesan cheese is integrated "Palma Major Udon"is. Since I was able to eat at stores in the Gourmet Brewery shop nationwide from Friday, January 16, 2015, I have been eating what kind of dish it is.

"Craft 100% Parmesan cheese" × Gourmet pier deal "Jersey Udon" New menu "Pal Mejan Udon"
(PDF file)http://www.morinagamilk.co.jp/download/index/14076/150116.pdf

Arrived at the demonstration handmade udon kiya (Kuneya).

Inside of Japanese style making.

There was a menu of palmejajan udon on the desk when you let me pass through the seat. This time I ordered a single item 'Pal Mejan Udon' (850 yen including tax). It is 950 yen including tax if you add a set of iridesal sushi or kaicho rice.

Craft 100% Parmesan cheese contains about 12 times the amount of milk and about twice as much calcium as general process cheese.

Of course there is also a standard udon menu.

If you are waiting waiting for a cold season of happy hot tea ......

Palma Major Udon and Parmesan cheese arrived in about 5 minutes from the order.

I sprinkle plenty of Parmesan cheese as plenty in the picture.

"Lot of cheese as extensive as I thought" Is not it good to be able to do this ...? "

Crush the yolk of the egg and mix it with jersey sauce.

I often get involved in udon. Bean jam sauce is used for jar sauce sauce, but there is almost no pungent taste, the sauce itself is sweet "Chinese style meat sauce" feeling. The rich flavor to which the mellowness of cheese was added, the compatibility with udon which Kosi is surprising is a good impression unexpectedly.

It is such a scene that I do not see much because the cheese is cooked in this cucumber so much.

Peppers are entangled with red pepper, and it is becoming a companion to plus pungent taste occasionally.

When eating forward to some extent, the cheese melted and the trace disappeared.

Even if you do "chasing cheese" at that time. Because it leaves bottles together, I do not collect as cheese lovers.

Even then again covered with powdered cheese.

I thought, 'Will it be heavier if I make this much?', But since it accepts sweet jar sauce sauce firmly, it gained more mellowness and was eaten. There is plenty of ground meat in the sauce, so there are things to be attacked by throat as soon as you squeeze udon, so eat slowly is recommended.

Since it has a perforated astragalus like bamboo noodles, it is good to scoop and eat at the end, and it is okay to eat while hanging on udon. It is a menu arranged udon in "Wakanaka", but it was not easy to get stuck like a common "changeable" menu, it was a dish to receive everyone.

In addition, Palma Majon Udon is on sale until the end of March at the "Gurume Musashiya" series nationwide "Demonstration Hands Udon Jitsuya" "Nanko", "Hotaruka" "Minori" "Kinase". You can search on the following page to see if there is a shop nearby.

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