Matsuya "tomato basil chicken set meal" with a thick sauce of tomato, garlic and basil in a teppanyaki chicken has been eaten

Matsuya cooked juicy chicken thigh meat with iron plate, rich tomato cream sauce and flavorful domestic basil sauce was appliedSet with tomato basil chickenWe are offering it from December 17 (Thursday). Fried eggplant was topped and it looked like it was a vivid dish, so I went to a shop and ate it.

Tomato basil chicken set menu new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

In the shop, a large advertisement of tomato basil chicken set meal was sticked out.

Go inside and head for the ticket vending machine ... ...

Discover tomato basil chicken set meal.

After ordering, waiting for a while, tomato basil chicken set meal was delivered.

This is the main tomato chicken basil.

Plenty of Parmesan cheese is sprinkled ... ...

Tomato red · basil green · mushroom purple · parmesan cheese white mixes and is very colorful.

So, first try eating chicken with plenty of tomato sauce and basil sauce, and the strong smell of sweet and garlic spreads at the moment you put it in your mouth. The chicken is juicy, with a tomato with a gentle taste that is felt sour or sweet, and a refreshing basil to make it exquisite and undeniable finish.

Because it is a combination that is a disgusting appetite, I want to eat it with rice on top of the rice.

Soft fried eggplants are soaked in oil and sauce and are uneasy.

In the sauce contained tomato pulp which had retained shape.

Parmesan cheese was also doing a good job, adding accents to the combination of tomato & chicken.

For the set meal, fried tofu & miso soup of wakame ......

Salad is also a set. The tomato basil chicken was able to reset the inside of the mouth with salad or miso soup, because it is a seasoning of dark eyes "Garlic! Oil! Tomato!" Anyway.

In addition, tomato basil chicken set meal is 630 yen including tax, until December 23 it is possible to change to the big rice with the same price. In addition, rice special priced is 670 yen including tax, W set meal whose amount of meat has doubled is provided at 930 yen including tax.

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