Legendary hacker self-made automatic driving car in just one month, already run on public road

At the age of 17, unlocking the iPhone 's SIM lock for the first time in the world, then raise the name in jailbreak (Jailbreak) neighborhood, hacking Playstation 3 earlier than anyone and appealing to Sony, such as legendary genius programmer Known as a hackerGeorge HotzMr. Mr. remodeled a commercial car in a month and tailored it as an automatic driving car. It seems to be like this when a genius puts a knock on alone for the development competition of an automated driving car that car manufacturers and IT companies all over the world are participating in.

George Hotz Is Taking on Tesla by Himself

You can see how the automatic driving car developed by Mr. Hotz actually performs automatic driving in the following movie.

Meet the 26-Year-Old Hacker Who Built a Self-Driving Car ... in His Garage - YouTube

A man standing in front of his own automatic driving car at home garage.

He is the legendary hacker Mr. Hotz.

Mr. Hotz announced on the YouTube that it was the world's first unlocked iPhone's SIM lock at the age of 17. It became famous as a great horse hacker "geohot".

After that, Hack on PlayStation 3 earlier than anyone else. Sony has appealed to Sony that the pirated software may spread. As for the condition of the settlement, Sony presented that "We will never hack Sony products again in the future".

Mr. Hotts lectures on what is automatic driving.

The first stage is the cruise control, and currently developing is the third stage where 99% of driving operations can be left to the computer. By the way, the fourth stage is a state where you can run without having to ride a human.

Acura in Mr. Hot 's home garage "ILX". The car of about 3 million yen was tailored as an automatic driving car in only one month.

A reporter from Bloomberg who gathers Mr. Hotts gets on the front passenger seat. First of all, it is a 21.5 inch LCD monitor that catches the eye.

The parts made in China are exposed to pillars.

Sensor attached to the roof.

I am using Intel's ultra-small PC "NUC" on the main machine.

Charging the battery for PC, camera, and sensor that controls automatic operation mode with household outlet.

"Recent automobiles are highly computer controlled, so Hotts speaks casually," he said. If it is Mr. Hots, it seems that it is a target to hack, whether it is an iPhone or an automatic driving car, whether it is a Playstation or an automatic driving car.

The driver's seat is like this.

In the automatic operation system developed by Mr. Hotz, data from a total of 6 cameras and sensors attached to the car body are processed with artificial intelligence (AI).

AI said that he learns driving by "seeing and remembering" driver's driving operation.

It is a joystick used for automatic operation mode switching operation.

The system is developed on Linux.

The blue line is the actual running line, the green line is the line that AI judges that AI is the best result of learning.

That's why we are going to run tests for automatic driving.

Automatic driving test on highway. In addition, Mr. Hotts was asked, "When was the first time automatic driving was successful?" When the reporter first rides on a ride, Mr. Hots replied, "This morning I tested for the first time."

Test of automatic operation mode two weeks after that first automatic operation today is today. In addition, Mr. Hots said it had automated the accelerator and brake by this day, the system that was automated only at the time of the first run.

The automatic operation mode starts at last.

Traveling by hand.

Not to mention the handle, the accelerator and the brake pedal are not touched. As a result of learning that AI tends to keep a constant distance even when the car in front is decelerating as a result of Mr. Hot 's driving, he is running in the middle between the preceding car and the rear car, / It became possible to handle brake work.

Mr. Hots, who runs automatically according to the flow. The test succeeded successfully.

Subsequently reporters will also experience.

Automatic operation started with a slow release of both hands from the awkward steering wheel.

It seems that he got used to it soon.

A smile is overflowing.

In the meantime, "Driving is not like this"

The running data is taken back to Mr. Hot 's home immediately and analyzed, and it is utilized for the evolution of the automatic driving mode.

Incidentally, Mr. Hotz said to Mr. Eleon Mask of Tesla Motors, "The software of automatic operation mode currently used by Tesla"Mobileye"If you make excellent software, buy it for millions of dollars (hundreds of millions of yen)" "Well, you are supposed to come to Tesla and you are invited" Come on! " I developed a system and if I crush Mobileye, I will notify you by striking Ping. "

The cost of an automated driving car developed by Mr. Hotz in just one month is 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen). Of that, 30,000 dollars is a car fee, so pure development cost is 20,000 dollars (about 2.4 million yen). Mr. Hots is planning to sell a fully automated system directly at $ 1,000 (about 120,000 yen), "I already have ten people reserved."

Mr. Hots, who developed an automatic driving mode developed by companies around the world, developed by one person and successfully catch up in just one month. Although Mr. Hots, who draws from a company such as Tesla, development of an automatic driving car is only the first step of AI development, "Aim is to create a better world that is happy, happy and happy by AI development" Thing. Currently, Mr. Hotz, who is focusing on developing AI, expects AI to be in charge of almost all work in the next 25 years, "he said," The last job that human beings will be AI programming " It is.

Incidentally, Mr. Hotz seems to bet on the development of an automatic driving system with Mask CEO, and after five months it will show Mask CEO the world's best autonomous driving system. "Tesla'sAutomatic operation mode of model SHe seems to have a bad reputation in the running of the Golden Bridge so I'm planning to take a movie that runs golden bridge perfectly. We will final test at Los Angeles where Mask CEO lives. "

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