Taste response excellent eaten response Excellent thick-cut caribi can be eaten at a delicious eatery's "Tenpaku thick cut carved meat set meal" Taste Review

From the 15th of July 2016 in the Yaoya restaurant "Specially sized thick cut carved meat set mealNew meat-related menu such as "Meat" is appearing. I decided to eat a menu that seems to be able to wear a stamina which overcomes the hot summer by eating a cow Calbee Morimori.

"Narimori thick cut carved rib meat set meal" July 15th (Friday) Limited new release! | What's New | Yaoyui

Soupaku thick cut carve meat set menu | Menu | Yaoyui

Arrived at the Yayoi restaurant.

There are posters written as "Challenge! Meat festival !!" at the shop front, and there are posters written as "thick chopstick barbecue meal set meal", "thick cut carvimet set meal", "narimori thick carved roast meat set meal", "special grill set meal" We had a set meal with a cut carve.

This time ordered a special thick-cut carved meat set meal (1290 yen including tax).

The iron plate sounds like a sound, a good smell of meat is drifting, and appetite is stimulated.

As you can see, thick-cut carp in this way, it is cut to the thickness that eating response is likely to be.

If you eat grilled meat with a sweet baked meat sauce, you can eat calvi with a bit of crispness that is quite juicy and well suited for sweet sauce.

Because it is a pretty thick sauce, you can eat it to your heart 's content by keeping it as white rice which can change.

Sprouts are not particularly seasoned, but it is just right to eat with meat with sauce.

The salad which was refreshing for the garnish of a large amount of meat is perfect.

Calvi meat is chewy and there is nothing to say that it is unsatisfactory because it is "special sperm". However, there is a bean sprout between the iron plate and the meat, and the insulation effect of the iron plate can not be obtained much. Since meat will cool down when eating slowly, it is better to devise measures such as turning the bean sprouts and meat and getting the heat of the iron plate.

Eating half of Calvi meat lost rice, so you can change it for yakiniku rice bowl OK. It is the best set meal when you want to stamina.

In addition, the set meal with thick cut cariva such as "special salted thick carved rib meat set meal" is limited sale from July 15th (Friday).

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