"Dashi" using flavored vegetables has eaten "Premium Yamagata cow meat" that boasts the taste of meat in Matsuya

Matsuya started to cook summer vegetables and flavored vegetables finely from July 2, and Yamagata local cuisine "SoupUsing "Premium Yamagata sushi beef tallow"We sell. The refreshing feeling of summer vegetables and the taste of condiment spreading moderately widely It is said that the refreshing taste of Yamagata sushi stands out for beef cattle, so I actually went to eat.

Yamagata lump of beef sale! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Yamagata was released on July 2nd at the shop, it was appealing beef cattle.

Towards the ticket vending machine ......

"We found premium Yamagata octopus with beefsteak (¥ 530 for incense tax, ¥ 670 for large sale tax)". In stores that do not sell premium beef cattle, "Yamagata sushi beefashi" is on sale and the price is different.

After giving me a meal ticket for a while, the premium Yamagata that came with miso soup arrived. This time it is Yamagata, I ordered cold and brute (180 yen including tax).

This is a premium Yamagata and beef cattle. It seems that meat and mountain shaped sushi are put at a ratio of half, but the amount of meat is the same as premium beef cattle.

Yamagata sushi is cucumber, egg, ginger, ginger, blue leek, kelp etc. minced in soy sauce and so on.

Premium beef meat is different from usual beef cattle, "chilled meat" refrigerated at a temperature not freezing around 0 degrees Celsius is used, increasing the softness and taste ingredients by aging the meat I will.

First of all, when you eat Yamagata sushi with rice, you will appetite appetite with cucumber which was shakiyaki and delicious aroma such as shiso · alga. Since the taste is solid, it seems that it will be more and more popular only for meat-free sushi-dashi and rice.

Beef is a lot of fat and meat is soft and juicy.

When eating rice, meat, Yamagata sushi together, the juicy meat and refreshing Yamagata sushi go together into a complex taste, but since the seasoning of Yamagata sushi is divided and dense, it was a bit salty impression . However, as summer becomes full-scale in the future, salinity becomes more important, so it can be said that it is a summer-oriented finish.

Black sesame roasted shichiyaki has a lot of peppers, which makes it a different flavor when you eat it.

Next, it is Yamagata, it's cold and cool.

There were plenty of mountain shaped sushi in tofu, and when you looked closely, you could check the shiso, the mugan, the eggplant etc.

Premium beef meat was soaked in rice, so it was felt juicy of beef even if you only eat rice and Yamagata sushi, but when you eat with a thin taste of tofu, various scents of Yamagata soup I felt more strongly.

In addition, premium Yamagata, beef meat is handled only at premium beef selling stores, handling storesfrom hereIt is searchable.

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