Matsuya "Ginger nectar beef" tasting cocktail with Yamagata local cuisine on beef tinned review

Minced vegetables such as eggplant and cucumber, seasoned with soy sauce, alcohol, kelp etc. and laid it downYamagata local cuisineCalled "sushi", Matsuya has been put out from Thursday, September 12 (Thursday) "Ginger noodles" is a dish of that kind of image. There was also ginger in the soup stock and it was made to be healthy, so I went to Matsuya to try it once.

Newly released ginger noodles! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Appeal new products even at stores. Enter the shop.

I found "Ginger noodles" for me at a ticket machine.

A button on the upper row of the ticket gate is lined with ginger omelette and ordered 450 yen in total.

I also appealed new products even inside the store.

Wait 1 ~ 2 minutes is ginger and beef and miso soup arrive.

Soup containing plenty of vegetables has been applied to the beef cattle. Incidentally, this time the second beef cattle is the second, in AugustYamagata lumpy beef cattleThe product is released.

The ingredients of beef cattle were slightly less extreme for some reason this time.

There are plenty of vegetables such as cucumbers, radish and carrots.

It also contains finely carved kelp, and there is a little sticky soup.

There is also ginger which is engraved considerably.

Also topping with green onion in the center. Since it seems that there is no designation for how to eat, first try to eat beef sushi separately.

The sweetly boiled beef is a gentle taste without chemical seasoning. There are few chain shops outlining policies for not using chemical seasoning, so it is a pleasing place for those who are not good at chemical seasonings.

When eating with rice and dinner, the rice is eaten with a feeling like pickles with the texture of sweet potato sauce taste and vegetables seasoned with kelp, which is shakiyaki. The taste of ginger is also felt, and the taste is not so strong, so it seems there is no problem even if you eat it with beef cattle. Let's eat the beef soup and the soup together.

Beef cattle's ingredients are used somewhat fatty, so you can eat it with vegetables as soon as you eat it. This combination seems to be able to eat even if it is a tough day of late summer or a day without appetite.

Please note that this "ginger noodles" is limited for sale for a limited time, it is easy to eat vegetables along with a bowl and is easy to eat, so it is also recommended for those who feel vegetable shortage.

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