Procedures for reviving historic paintings by Metropolitan Museum of Art are being opened on YouTube

Painting restoration refers to 2012Grandma who tried to repair the frescoes of ChristAlthough it is famous, the site of actual restoration is done little by little through a number of processes and it may take more than a year to put a picture on display at the museum.Metropolitan Museum of ArtHas released the state of restoration on YouTube, and it is becoming easy to understand how the painting gradually recovers its original beauty over time and effort.

MetCollects-Episode 14: Michael Gallagher on "Everhard Jabach and His Family" - YouTube

I will repairCharles · Le Blanc"Eberhard Yerbach and his family" work. As it is a pretty big work, "I did not know how long it will take to restore when the painting arrives."

We will continue restoration while watching the document with the magnifying glass.

A man standing in front of a painting.

First of all I will remove the old varnish.

I will immerse the bar with cotton-like objects in the liquid.

When I gradually wipe a slightly yellowed painting ... ...

The varnish was removed and the skin of the child changed to a bright hue.

After removing the old varnish, I will lay the picture on the desk.

Move rumbling and painting ... ...

There are two men on the desk, two men on the floor, a total of four people support the painting. Although you can understand well when you try to set up a painting, there is a step on the top of the picture and you need to straighten this up.

Looking from the other side like this.

I will slowly kill the paintings.

In addition, two women joined from the back of the picture, carefully by six staff.

Remove the wood frame that supports the painting from behind when you knock it down.

From here we will not repair the scratches on the body, not the contents of the picture.

The painting was big cracked and it was hardened with wax from the back. First we will scrape the wax.

Spray water ......

When it becomes soft, push the tree from above and stretch it straight.

Add heat ......

I like to hold it like a plate.

In this way, we are going to repair one by one carefully by hand.

Once the scratch can be repaired, I will roll the picture in a roll.

At this time, the end of the picture was fastened with a staple so that the picture did not shift.

When you roll it round, the picture appears.

Turn over the roll in reverse ......

I will spread the picture slowly.

The spread picture is like this.

The step became inconspicuous, but as I saw it from near, there was still a crack.

Next, I will stretch the picture again and fix it to the frame.

Using the hammer and the hook, paste the painting firmly on the tree while pulling it firmly.

When we come to this point, we will apply a new varnish instead of the varnish we removed first.

From the place where you painted varnish, you can see that the lightness and darkness is clear and the color tone becomes brilliant.

Next, I will repair parts of the picture.

Paint the paint on the part where the crack was contained or on the wound, so that you do not know if there is a crack by seeing it.

At the end, we spray the varnish with a spray gun.

When the repair is completed, the picture put in the picture frame ......

I will hang it on the wall with 2 cranes. A great applause went up from the staff at the moment the picture was put on.

Paintings are less scratched, become vivid and will be exhibited in the museum.

Thus, restoration was done over the course of a year, and "Everhardt-Yerbach and his family" began to see the public's eyes for the first time in this century.

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