Lawson 'sirloin steak heavy' taste steak a bit thin

I bought Lawson "Sirloin steak heavy" newly released from December 4 and tried it. Somehow, there is something that is exciting for the sound called "sirloin steak", but it was a little troubling item as to whether this may be called a steak ....

Details are as below.
In the middle of carrying it a bit busy.

It is 550 yen, the calorie is 535 kcal.

Six pieces of steak.

Seen from the side ... a little steak.

The compatibility of the steaky sauce and rice is good, the combination chopsticks. As the volume of rice is as it is, if there is a little more steak or a thick steak ... I feel regret. Although it seems to be said what is expected of heavy steaks at convenience stores, I would like you to satisfy even if you issue more than 500 yen, too.

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