Yoshinoya "Beef bowl (Atsumoni Dai Sheng)" taste review review "Beef bowl sushi rice cookie" became a standard

There is also an ordering method such as "Tsuyudaku (Tuyu Taku)", "Negidaku (Tamaguroku (Extra large onion)" "Goku (egg)" and so on as well as ordering methods of beef bowl, but at Yoshinoya from 10th October (Thursday) "We made the amount of rice of beef bowl at the same time, the ingredients were great" and made the official menuBeef bowl (big syrup of atma)Since the sale began, I went to Yoshinoya to check the balance of meat and rice.

Notice: Beef bowl "Daigasa of Atma" 380 yen | Yoshinoya

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

Beef bowl (big syrup of atma) climbs appeared at the shop front.

On the table is sticker stamped as "Tsukiji nurtured" Sheng Sheng appeared! " The expression "brought up Tsukiji" comes from the special orders that were popular at the Tsukiya store, which is the 1st branch of Yoshinoya, where the great talent of the Atama came. By the way, even in the Sukiya family, we treat the menu as "middle sheng" to make only the ingredients in the quantity.

It ordered and brought me immediately. The left is Beef Bowl Paramennori (280 yen including tax), right is the big rice of beef bowl Atarum (380 yen including tax).

The size of the bowl is different from looking from the side.

Since it looks the same beef bowl, it is not well understood how big meat of meat is contained in the large part of the head.

Try picking up meat ....

You can see that there are plenty of meat on the large syari in right side right side.

When eating it immediately, the taste of Yoshinoya's beef bowl as usual.

As you continue to eat, even if you eat more meat, rice does not disappear first, you can feel a luxurious feeling.

In 2 beef bowls, it is the same seasoning so add red accents with red ginger.

Thank you for the meal.

When I got home, I got a 50 yen discount ticket that appealed to me on the back side of the ATAMA speror, but since the object I can use is 8 items including salad, Okoshima, Kimchi, Half egg, Egg, Miso soup, Kinken soup and Tonku Attention is necessary.

Seasoning is Yoshinoya's usual beef bowl, but when ordered to order a small rice of beef bowl, it cost 440 yen including tax, because Atamas no Omori is slightly profitable with tax included 380 yen, It was a perfect dish when saying "I want to eat a lot of meat than rice!"

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