'Kale lettuce beef bowl' tasting review of Sukiya where rice does not stop with salty sauce of sweet beef and crispy vegetables

Nutrition rich in the, also referred to as the king of vegetables

kale and in the vegetables of like who was topping the beef bowl is 'kale lettuce beef bowl' has emerged from the April 15, 2020 (water). In addition to kale, I also went to see what it tastes like with a beef bowl full of vegetables topped with red peppers and lettuce.

New release of 'Kale Lettuce Gyudon', which is full of nutrition! | Sukiya

Arrived at Sukiya.

For kale lettuce beef bowl, you can order onion soup & Ontama set, as well as curry and kale lettuce separately.

This time, I ordered a single item of kale lettuce beef bowl, Namamori. Arrived in about 5 minutes from the order.

The kale lettuce beef bowl is made with kale, lettuce and red peppers as hot vegetables, and is topped with about 120 g, which is one-third

of 350 g of daily vegetable intake .

The hot vegetables are not too soft and have a good crispness. It is not watery and has salty sauce that has a pungent taste and is sweet to the vegetables, giving it a later taste.

Beef is the same as the regular beef bowl.

When you eat beef, hot vegetables, and rice together, the saltiness of the salty sauce is combined with the sweet beef, and the taste of the gutsuri rice goes forward. The amount of beef was a little modest, but the vegetables with plenty of salty sauce were enough to make it a satisfying finish.

'Kale lettuce beef bowl' can be purchased at Sukiya nationwide, and the price is 550 yen including tax as a single item.

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