Egg has been increased by 1.5 times Naka's 'Oyako-ronburi' Before-After Taste Review

I heard that eggs of Naka 's classic menu "Oyakodon" will be increased by 1.5 times since February 2 (today) today, so I tried to compare the eggs before and after the increase.

I started eating comparisons with half-truth about whether my taste will change because my parents 'bowls' eggs increased, but I was able to clearly notice the difference unexpectedly.

Comparison between before and after the increase is from the following.: New arrival information: Naka urch (Naka is a Japanese-style fast food chain offering "Energetic Rice")

Arrived in an early morning rabbit.

When I looked at the menu of the banners hanging outside, in particular, "I got 1.5 times!" Like appeal is not done and I am relieved. When I asked the clerk, I was to start increasing at 10 am, so it was just like sliding safe. It is dangerous and dangerous.

And parenthesis rice bowl before increase (parallel) (490 yen including tax)

The white part is sweet.

It is a nice point that Mitsuba leaves are on savor.

For the moment I will eat it with munching. The ratio of rice and eggs is 8: 2, and the taste of soy sauce is conspicuous rather than the flavor of eggs, but saltiness is not so strong and mild mouthfeel. Sauce for rice, stuffed with soy sauce that is not blended in eggs, and dashi like juice, it has a taste. The way the fire of chicken struck was just right, I was easy to eat because I was not too tight.

It was balanced as a bowl, and it was deliciously eaten. Thank you for the meal.

Next, after 11 o'clock of the increase start time announced in the press release, I will order another Oyako rice again with another rabbit.

There is a banner called "Newly-parented bowl of commitment egg". Since the window of the shop is also sticky and appealing the renewal of Oyakodon, it surely seems to be able to eat Oyako rice bowl after the increase.

And for the number of waiting in the shop, the new Oyako don bowl where the egg became 1.5 times was carried. The price is 490 yen (including tax) same as before the increase.

The left is before the increase, the right after the increase. Compared with Oyako-don before the increase which we ate in the morning, it seems that the one after slightly increasing has the bulk of the egg.

When I eat a bite, I am surprised that the flavor of the egg is quite strong. Oyako-rice which I ate in the morning was tasty dominated by soy sauce, but here the first time I feel the egg's richness.

I ate half eat. Rice cooks juice as well as the thing before the increase which I ate in the morning, but I feel the eggy flavor from that juice.

Although the flavor of Mitsuba leaves was slightly increased after a slight increase, even if I just hit the stand, the presence of eggs has been up some times as much as before the increase. I feel that the texture of ripe rice flavor is very good and the thickness of the egg is increasing somewhat. The fire reduction of chicken is also just right.

I was worried that I would not get tired of eating the same menu as morning and afternoon, but it was so easy to eat because the taste changed too much. Thank you for the meal.

If you look closely, there are still many egg - like items on the bowl that you finished eating.

I was wondering if the taste would change at a minor change called egg increase, but I was quite surprised because the flavor of the eggs was getting darker at a level that you can understand immediately after eating. Even those who always use naka may wish to eat parent and child rice bowls after the increase.

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