I tried using "Silicon animal ice tray" that can make sea creature type ice from polar bears and penguins to coelacanths

Silicon tray that can make ice of sea creature type separated by theme such as "Animal of North and South Antarctic", "Creatures of Japan's neighboring seas", "Shark's friends and deep-sea creatures"Silicone animal ice tray". The heat resistant temperature is 230 degrees, the cold tolerance temperature is minus 20 degrees, it means that it is possible to make not only ice but also chocolate and cupcakes, but it is a season when consumption of ice increases, so polar bear, black tuna · white shark and coelacanth I made it with ice.

Silicone animal ice tray | Carolat online shop

There are three types of silicon animal ice trays below.

First we will look at "Arctic and Antarctic animals". On the surface of the package is the picture of the animal and the name.

An explanation of each animal on the back. For example, a walrus says, "The skin is thick and thick, there are many grooves and folds, and it has a fat layer of 10 cm or more.The grown male and female have two kiba on the upper jaw and the shellfish I will use it for looking and climbing on the ice. "

I tried out it from the box.

Looking from the side like this.

Backside. From the blue tray you can create humpback whale, gentoo penguin, crab quarter, adelie penguin, King penguin.

The size is 135 mm in length × 100 mm in width × 28 mm in thickness. It is about the same length as the iPhone 5.

In the pink tray are sea otter, walrus, killer whale, beluga, polar bear type.

The back side is here.

Next is a tray where you can make ice with deep - sea biotype with shark 's colleagues.

It is a set of yellow-green and orange 2 color trays.

Turning it over looks like this.

And at the end it is a tray where you can make creatures around Japan.

This is a set of two colors yellow and green.

Pretty detailed parts are built in.

I turned it over.

Turtle shells and so on, this line also has a solid line.

So I will create it at once. Pour water into the tray ......

In a freezer. Frozen for about 3 hours.

After 3 hours, remove the ice from the tray. Since the tray is made of silicon and very soft, it is possible to remove the ice by turning belon and the front and back.

The animals taken out from the pink tray look like this.

Humpback whales characterized by large breast billets.

The second largest King penguin in the world.

Gentoo penguin and crab quar seal were united.

Adelie penguin is said to be "a gentleman of Antarctica wearing a tail coat".

I tried putting juice in the blue tray instead of water. First of all, polar bears.

Two walruses with characteristic Kiba.

Sea otc and Beluga. It is best to put a transparent liquid as it becomes slightly confusing details when putting muddy liquid.

Next, I will put out ice simultaneously from 2 sets of organisms in the waters near Japan. Somehow, green trays are living creatures that are likely to be found in the aquarium, yellow trays are lined with sushi shops.

There are 10 ice in all.

It is characterized by a rounded body.

Demolition figureThe popular sushi material, black tuna that is made.

Seahorse with a unique shape.

Jump from sea levelFlying squirrel that sometimes die due to the impact of landing.

Scallops, hand-dolphins, seashells, loggerhead turtles, and eyeglasses.

Loggerhead turtle knows firmly up to each deck of shell.

Scallop of high-quality ingredients.

It was clearly drawn how the swirl was rolling around.

And deep - sea creatures are firstly from shark 's companion and trays of deep - sea creatures.

Anko lure prey with pseudo-bait transformed with dorsal fin.

Parrot is not a shellfish, but a member of squid or octopus.

There are only 40 captured cases in the world, a very rare large-scale shark / mega-mame shark.

Coelacanth called "living fossil".

Delicate fins and scales.

Mendaco featuring a disk-shaped body and a pair of fillets on the head.

And I made strawberry milk as "shark's companion"

The bone of the hoofed shark 's jaw that seems to be exhibited at aquariums and other places.

Whale shark, the world's largest fish.

Synonyme sakata named because it looks like a white wormworm spot on the back of the brown (meaning cloud at dawn). When I freeze the juice it solidifies in the shape of Mille-feuille, so the narrow part broke when pulling out from the tray.

A familiar bearish shark in a panic movie. In addition, due to the reasons such as movies, the image of the bad guys is fixed and the "Hokkaido shark is not afraid at allDivers to swim with sharks have also appeared to show that it is.

Ella and mouth are clearly reproduced.

Mr. Nantou originallyOnite mackerelAlthough it was called, it was divided by Australian researchers in 2009.

It is cool to try to float on water.

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Swimming an ankou is like this.

the price isBoth tax included 1050 yen. Not only would I be looking forward to drinking drinks, but it was also a somewhat affordable product that could also gain knowledge about living things.

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