I tried using ``sheetui'' that you can easily make web pages from Google spreadsheets without programming knowledge for free

' Sheetui ' is an online service that does not require installation and can be used to easily create good-looking web pages from

Google Spreadsheet data. Since it can be used without any programming knowledge, I actually tried using it to see how easy it is to create a web page.


To use sheetui, access the above URL and click 'Try It!'.

Copy and paste the URL of the spreadsheet

published as a web page in Google Sheet URL, specify the sheet that you want to convert to a web page, and click 'NEXT'.

Next, enter the title of the web page in 'Page Title' and the description of the web page in 'Page Infomation'.

'Select Container' is an item for selecting how to arrange data. 'List' can be arranged vertically, 'Grid' can be arranged horizontally, and 'Responsive Grid' can arrange data according to the size of the screen.

There are four types of data display formats: 'Simple Card,' 'Media Card,' 'Media Card 2,' and 'Image Tile.' First, select 'Media Card' and click 'NEXT'.

Since the editing screen of 'Media Card' is displayed, the edit item appears on the right side when you click where you want to edit. Click '+' of the item you want to edit.

Then, the category list of the spreadsheet will appear, so select the category you want to display.

This time, I made a sample page of GIGAZINE tasting articles into a Google spreadsheet and made it a web page with sheetui. Each data is classified into 'Posting date', 'Title', 'URL' and 'Top image', and the URL of the image is inserted in the 'Top image' column.

If you specify the 'Top Image' category with the URL of the image inserted, the image will be displayed with the spreadsheet data reflected.

You can also specify the height of the image from Image Height.

You can enter text directly in addition to the spreadsheet category.

Click 'FINISH' when the settings are complete.

Click on the text in the red box to open the web page.

Select 'Grid' and 'Media Card' to display the spreadsheet data as shown below.

'Simple Card' is a format that cannot display images. Below is a list of 'List' and 'Simple Card' selected. It was not possible to change the background image and font at the time of writing the article, so it is recommended for people who like a lean design.

'Media Card 2' is a style in which images are displayed on the left side. Good compatibility with 'List'.

The combined display of 'Grid' and 'Image Tile' is as follows. The design was more prominent than the 'Media Card.'

When you update Google Spreadsheet, the web page created with sheetui will be automatically updated, so no adjustment is necessary after first setting sheetui. It seems that you can make the data management table easier to read, or use it as a little diary or album replacement.

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