I tried three kinds of new works such as LAWSON 'CUPKE cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake' with rich cheese and refreshing lemon sourness

The new ' Cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake ', ' Kurikinton Montblanc ', and ' High cacao chocolate ' from the full-scale cake series ' CUPKE ' that came in Lawson's cup appeared on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. I actually ate what kind of taste the 'genuine cake' that can be easily purchased at a convenience store has.

CUPKE cheese! cheese! Cheesecake | Lawson Official Website


CUPKE Chestnut Kinton Mont Blanc | Lawson Official Website

CUPKE High cacao chocolate | Lawson official website

'Cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake' 'Kurikinton Mont Blanc' 'High cacao chocolate' look like this.

First of all, I will eat from 'Cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake' (295 yen including tax).

Ingredient names include cheesecake-based ingredients such as natural cheese, foods containing milk as main ingredients, processed egg products, margarine, milk, eggs, meringue mix, concentrated reduced lemon juice, etc.

Calories are 399 kcal per package.

When you remove the lid of the cup, you can see the pure white meringue cheese cream undulating. 'Cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake' is a dessert where you can enjoy meringue cheese cream in the upper row, cheese mousse in the middle row, cheese cream in the lower row, and cheese cream with a three-layer structure.

First of all, if you eat only meringue cheese cream, you can feel not only the rich cheese taste but also the lemon flavor. The texture is smooth and melts on your tongue.

Insert a spoon and scoop up the middle and lower cheese cream and try. The middle cheese mousse has a high viscosity and the lemon flavor is stronger than the meringue cheese cream in the upper one. The cheese is also rich, but it has a refreshing taste with a fresh, sour taste that gives a clear distinction between sweetness and sourness. The cheese cream in the lower tier had a rich cheese taste that was comparable to the sourness of the lemons in the upper and middle tiers. A crunch is spread under the three layers of cheese cream, giving it a crispy texture.

Next is 'Kurikinton Mont Blanc' (315 yen including tax). It is a sweet that seems to be a minor change version of '

Nostalgic Mont Blanc ' that appeared on April 7, 2020.

Looking at the raw material names, you can see that in addition to the 'very Montblanc' raw materials such as marron paste and chestnut candied, there is also a Japanese confectionery ingredient called Shirakoshi-an.

Calories are 276 kcal per package.

A quarter of astringent skin chestnut is topped on the marron cream.

When I tried to eat it, the taste of malon cream with a moist texture and the sweetness of whipped cream with a light texture were just the right balance. The marron mousse is sandwiched between the sponge cloth and the whipped cream, and it has a marlon feel enough to satisfy those who like marron. Crunch chocolate is laid on the bottom side and melts with a crisp sound each time you bite it. The flavor of the marron is quite rich, but it was a mysterious and eclectic mix of Montblanc, with a hint of white bean paste.

At the end, we will eat 'High cacao chocolate' (295 yen including tax). This is also a dessert that seems to be a minor change version of 'chocolate of discerning cacao' that appeared on April 7, 2020.

Contains chocolate cake ingredients such as chocolate, cocoa powder, cacao mass and modified cocoa powder.

Calories are 341 kcal per package.

Cocoa powder is sprinkled on top of the chocolate cream that has been folded over.

When I tried to eat it, the upper layer chocolate cream had a mild sweetness and had a light taste, while the lower layer chocolate mousse was sweet and the chocolate flavor was thick and thick. Cocoa powder was a bit sweet with a strong cocoa flavor and emphasized both the sweetness and bitterness of chocolate.

The 'CUPKE' series 'Cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake', 'Kurikinton Mont Blanc' and 'High cacao chocolate' will be available for purchase for a limited time from May 26, 2020 (Tuesday) at Lawson nationwide except Okinawa Prefecture.

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