I tried the caramel flavor "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA caramel chocolate roll cake" of roll cake sold 2.5 million meals in 2 weeks

In 2017, Lawson's sweet brand "Uchi Café SWEETS" and GODIVA jointly developed products appear one after another. From Tuesday, October 31, 2017, the fourth bullet "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Caramel chocolate roll cakeBy doing so, I tried to eat since Lawson sent the item ahead of sales.

Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Caramel chocolate roll cake released | Lawson

"Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA" This is the fourth volume. Roll cake is the first "Chocolat roll cakeFollowing the second one, Chocolat Roll Cake has become a hit product of 2.5 million meals in 2 weeks from the launch.

Raw materials are like saccharides, cream, eggs and cakes. The calorie is 343 kcal in one.

It is contained in a package with a height so that the shape does not collapse.

I tried arranging iPhone 7 next to it. Although it is not small but not big, it is a standard size as a convenience store.

The outside is a chocolate sponge cake and the inside is a caramel hazel chocolate cream, and caramel ganache is hidden inside the cream.

Both the cream and the cake are so soft that when you try to eat it with a fork, the cream will slip down slowly. Initially there is a sweetness of the chocolate flavor of the sponge cake, but the caramel hazel chocolate cream is quite a bitter flavor, overcomes the sweetness of caramel and spreads bitterness and eventually mixes with the sweetness of chocolate on the tongue " To sweet ". If you dare to drink coffee hard, the sweetness of the cake stands out.

The chocolate containing the logo "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA" is placed in the central part of the cake, but the one that cloaked the crepe fabric with Janduya chocolate is hidden under it. A solid texture made crispy in the soft cake as a whole makes an accent.

"Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA caramel chocolate roll cake" is 395 yen including tax. Because it is a limited-time limited quantity item, those who are interested get it earlier than October 31, 2017 (Tuesday).

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