I tried a pair of "Premium Chocolate Roll Cake Ice" which Lawson's chocolate roll cake became rich ice earlier.

Lawson's popular sweet "Premium Roll Cake" to eat with a spoon turned into ice creamPremium roll cake ice", Both the sponge dough and the ice cream became chocolate taste"Premium Chocolate Roll Cake Ice"Will appear from February 1, 2016 (Monday). I tried to eat chocolate flavored roll cake ice conscious of Valentine 's day early.

Premium Chocolate Roll Cake Ice 118ml | Lawson

Premium chocolate roll cake ice is included in semi-transparent dome type package.

When opening the lid, chocolate ice cream sticks with a dawn on the chocolate-flavored sponge fabric.

Diameter is about a little smaller than iPhone 5s.

When comparing the premium chocolate roll cake ice with the premium roll cake ice, the premium chocolate roll cake ice was more expensive than the ice cream.

Premium chocolate roll cake Ice calories are 192 kcal per 118 ml, lower than premium roll cake ice.

I tried to take it out on a plate. As with roll cake, sponge fabric is wrapped in transparent film.

The upper chocolate ice cream is "Premium Chocolate Roll CakeAs with the Swiss chocolate companyBarry CallebautUsing chocolate. I used wheat from Hokkaido for sponge, and it is tailoringly tailored.

Not only at the top of the roll cake, chocolate ice is stuffed all the way inside.

Although the premium roll cake ice was refreshing, the premium chocolate roll cake ice is perfect for winter with very thick chocolate ice cream. Ice is melted in the mouth, the bittersweet flavor of chocolate and the richness of cream spread in the mouth. The bitter taste of chocolate is felt slightly also from the sponge fabric of moist and soft texture.

Compared with sponge fabric, the amount of ice cream is quite large, but the flavor of chocolate is not too sweet and not too bitter, just finished in a good balance so it was a satisfactory taste to eat even with ice alone.

The price of premium chocolate roll cake ice is 215 yen including tax.

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