I tried "Premium Uji Matcha Roll Cake Ice" with exquisite bitter and sweet flavor of aroma

Lawson's popular sweet celebrating its seventh year since its first appearance in 2009 "Premium roll cakeThe third series of ice series "Premium Uji Matcha Roll Cake Ice"Will appear from May 10th (Tuesday).Tsuji Tsuichi head officeI was wondering what kind of finish the roll cake ice which used Matcha 's tea, so I tried it before a nationwide launch.

Premium Uji Matcha Roll Cake Ice 118ml | Lawson

Premium Uji Matcha Roll Cake Ice is in a vibrant green package reminiscent of fresh green.

By type, "ice cream", including dairy products, sponge, gelatin and so on.

Calories are 174 kcal per 118 ml.

The released "Premium roll cake ice"When"Premium Chocolate Roll Cake IceWhen compared with the size, the size is almost the same. Premium Uji Matcha Roll Cake Only ice cream is colorless, not transparent.

The shape of the ice cream on top of the round roll cake is the same for all three types.

I tried to remove the premium Uji Matcha Roll Cake Ice to the plate. The ice part is a slightly light green tea color ......

The sponge fabric has a darker matcha color.

When cutting it in half, you can see that the ice cream is tightly packed inside the sponge fabric as well.

When eating, the ice cream has a very smooth melt in the mouth, finished with a strong flavor of the green tea finish. Sweetness is modest when eating alone, but it is quite sweet when eating as a dessert after meal, and it seems likely to refresh your mouth when you eat after a dinner with a taste.

The sponge dough is a moist texture, just like ice, bitter taste of Matcha spreads slightly. Cold ice and soft sponge dough were outstanding compatibility.

The price of Premium Uji Matcha Roll Cake Ice is 248 yen including tax.

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