I bought a fragrant pistachio-made ice bar 'chocolate bar crisp and pistachio 1 piece' at Seven and tried it

`` Chocolate Bar Crisp and 1 Pistachio'' has been added to the Seven-Eleven ice cream corner from July 4, 2023 (Tuesday). I actually bought and tried to eat pistachio ice cream wrapped in chocolate coating containing pistachio paste to enjoy pistachio ice cream.

Chocolate bar crisp and pistachio 1 piece | Seven Premium Official


This is 'chocolate bar crisp and pistachio 1 piece'.

Looking at the raw material column, you can see that 'pistachio paste' and 'pistachio crunch' are used.

The calorie is 269 kcal per 80 ml.

When you take out the ice cream from the box, it looks like this.

If you cut it and look at the cross section, you can see that the pistachio ice cream is coated with chocolate.

When I ate it, the crushed pistachio's crispy texture and the fragrant and mellow flavor peculiar to pistachio spread in my mouth. Some convenience store ice creams have a strong sweetness, but 'chocolate bar crispy pistachio 1 piece' has a modest sweetness and a refreshing taste, so you can fully enjoy the main pistachio. I made it.

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