I tried Haagen-Dazs' ``Crispy Sand'' ``Strawberry and Vanilla Parfait'' where you can enjoy the luxurious taste of sweet and sour raspberry sauce and bittersweet cocoa wafer.

``Crispy Sand '' ``Strawberry and Vanilla Parfait'' is a new flavor in Haagen-Dazs' ``Crispy Sand

' ' series, which is made by sandwiching ice cream coated with chocolate etc. between wafers, and has appeared on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. It is said to be a dish that is made by adding sweet and sour strawberry sauce to vanilla ice cream, wrapped in a milky white chocolate coating, and sandwiched between cocoa wafers, making it feel like eating a parfait, so I actually tried it.

Strawberry and vanilla parfait | Product information | Häagen-Dazs Japan

The package of ``Crispy Sand ``Strawberry and Vanilla Parfait'' looks like this.

Ingredients include white chocolate coating, cream, skim concentrated milk, raspberry sauce, sugar, and cocoa wafers.

Calories are 241kcal per piece.

When you open the package and transfer the crispy sandwich to a plate, it looks like this.

When you cut it in half, you can see that the vanilla ice cream contains strawberry sauce.

When you eat it, the crunchy texture of the cocoa wafer and the crispy texture of the white chocolate coating, followed by the sweet and sour taste of the raspberry sauce spreads in your mouth. The gentle sweetness of the white chocolate and vanilla ice cream and the bitterness of the cocoa wafer go perfectly together, and combined with the sourness of the raspberry sauce, it's a luxurious taste that makes you feel like you're eating a parfait. It was a very satisfying ice cream with a perfect balance of cocoa wafers, white chocolate coaching, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce.

The suggested retail price of Haagen-Dazs ``Crispy Sand ``Strawberry and Vanilla Parfait'' is 351 yen including tax, and it will be available for purchase at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide for a limited time from Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

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