I tried "New crunchy crunch coconut" of Haagen Dazs released "Ice cream day"

May 9th "Ice cream day", A new work of chocolate-coated ice bar series crunchy crunch from Haagen-Dazs"coconut"Has appeared. Ice, chocolate coating and cookie all became coconut flavors It is said that it is exactly coconut ice cream, so I actually tried it.

"Crunchy Crunch" Coconut "May 9, 2017 | Haagen Dazs Japan

I bought "crunchy crunch coconut" at once.

On the side of the box is written what kind of ice or chocolate is used, but everything with coconut flavor is used.

Types of ice creamSeems to be classified as "ice cream" with milk solids content of 15.0% or more out of which milk fat content is 8.0% or more. It is clearly understood that the raw material name is used in large quantities with cream · coconut coaching · coconut sauce · coconut cookie and coconut. The content is 80 ml.

The calorie per piece is 266 kcal, the carbohydrate is 20.0 g.

Open the box with the pakari and ......

I will eat it at once.

The surface of ice is covered with coconut coating, and the one that is wrapped is not nuts, but coconut cookie.

When eating it actually, the crispy crunchy texture of the coconut coating and the crispy texture of the coconut cookie adds an accent of good texture to the ice cream. Taste is felt firmly in the flavor of coconut, but it is refreshing sweetness that melts in the mouth without being persistent, it is perfect for the current time when it became hot. Although the coconut flavor is too strong, some sweets are delicious, but in that sense it feels like Haagen Dazs, which is exquisite enough to make me think, "There is only Kore!"

The cross section of ice is like this. I think that it is vanilla ice cream, and the ice cream has a tasty coconut flavor. Haagen Dazs crunchy crunch unique firmly chocolate coating and the cookie's fragrance is accented with both taste and aroma, which is quite different with and without this.

In addition, "crunchy crunch coconut" is limited time sale from May 9th, suggested retail price is 294 yen including tax.

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